Rules are meant to be broken.

We break the laws of physics.

If you’ve ever skied a RENOUN, there’s no denying it. Unparalleled design fused with high-tech science makes it like no other. Conventional skis are a blend of materials you already know. RENOUN boldly reimagines every element.

One molecule with a unique shape has inspired the first and only ski that can change and adapt to you and your skiing style. This molecule comprises a patented material engineered in the lab which we use to quiet and mute vibration in our skis - adaptively. 

This high-tech science put into action means the faster and harder you ski, the more stable and controlled your skis become.

Like we said, we break the laws of physics.

For the 2016-2017 season we’ve driven our engineering team to meticulously refine our designs so you can have the best possible skiing experience.

Fact: these are the best skis we’ve ever made.

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  • Technology

    HDT™ is our patented technology that quiets and softens vibrations as you ski. Its unique ability to adapt makes for the most versatile ski ever.

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  • Skis

    Every RENOUN ski comes standard with proprietary Hyper Damping Technology™ (HDT™) in the core. Our best engineering gives you the best performance possible.

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