Renoun – embrace the revolution of skiing back going back to the beginning

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Discover the Renoun Difference
Why Renoun? There are lots of ski brands large and small, lots of options for
consumers, why do we need another one? It is a great question, but there are great
reasons, and this is the right time for Renoun.

An Elevated Experience
At the dawn of skiing, ski-making was an art, with each pair meticulously crafted by
artisans who knew their customers by name. But as the industry ballooned, this
personal touch faded into the background, replaced by a focus on volume sales over individual experiences.

Major ski manufacturers don’t know, or really care to know (beyond a demographic
report) who their customer is. They leave that to retail outlets. Those outlets are much more focused on moving inventory than listening to customers. All of which is
understandable when the focus is on volume and not the individual.

Renoun stands in stark contrast to this trend, championing a return to customer-centric service. Our direct-to-consumer model and commitment to customer service are not just about selling skis; they're about forging relationships and enhancing the on-hill experience.

Our high touch model is unique in the ski industry these days. Renoun can say with
detail who is on their skis, where they ski, and what is important to them in their skis. From the interaction selecting skis, to the 6 months return policy, to Club Renoun the company is focused on the customer and customer interaction. The focus is the on-hill experience not the sales transaction. This makes Renoun different, and a modern throwback.

“Good design is invisible. It will act as the bond between you and the world — there, but never in the way. Not hindering, only helping.

When we design a pair of skis, our aim is for your experience on the hill to be a byproduct of them. You’re in control, not your skis. If we’ve done our job right, you won’t even notice them on your feet.”

Innovation and Quality

Renoun's founder, Cyrus, has reimagined what skis can be, utilizing cutting-edge
materials to revolutionize the skiing experience. The skis themselves are a leap forward in design and materials. Renoun’s VibeStop™ exclusive technology is integrated into each Renoun ski, ensuring an unparalleled smooth skiing experience.

VibeStop™ technology

How does VibeStop™ work? The material hardens under sudden impacts for better
stability at high speeds and on hard snow, yet remains flexible and forgiving at slower speeds or in softer conditions. This dynamic response to the snow conditions and skiing style can significantly enhance both performance and comfort. By significantly reducing vibration, Renoun skis provide a smooth comfortable ride and reduce fatigue, allowing you to ski longer.

Traditional ski brands focus on incremental changes and driving brand awareness using retail accessibility and pro athlete endorsement. Renoun was built by word of mouth in the ski community with no retail presence, a community that values innovation and performance.. There is a reason they sell out of skis every year.

“I’ve always thought there must be a better way to make a ski with all the high-tech
materials being developed in other industries. Ski shapes have drastically improved over the last few decades, but we’re still using the same steel edges and wood cores as my father’s generation. It’s 2020 and I think it’s time to challenge what we’ve all been sold as ‘new’ technology because I think we can do much, much better.”

- Cyrus Schenck

A Personal Touch

With Renoun, you're not just another customer; you're a distinctive presence on the slopes. Renoun claims to be different, and they are. The part of the market they are carving out is focused on ski performance and customer interaction, not a used car sales experience and sales volume.

Club Renoun
Club Renoun epitomizes our innovative spirit. Why buy when you can join? With a
simple monthly fee, members enjoy the freedom to refresh their gear every two years as well as get exclusive . This sort of ski lease model speaks to the needs of customers not only financially, but also that they would like to get new skis every two years, but not have to have a new sales experience every time. Club Renoun members also get exclusive access to new products and experiences. This could be a game changer in the industry both from a customer experience and a financial model compared to big box competitors.

Join the Renoun Family – we would love to meet you

Give Renoun a try, you might love the product, and I know they would love to get to
know you.