Budnitz X Renoun Ski Giveaway

Budnitz Renoun Ski

Win 1 of 5 pairs of custom Budnitz X Renoun Skis




    Budnitz Bicycles operations are currently on hold, because they have been unable to get components for our bikes for many months.

    So just for fun we’ve teamed up 
    teamed up with our friends at top-end Vermont ski maker Renoun Skis to bring you a pair of custom BUDNITZ X RENOUN downhill skis. Together, we're giving 5 pairs away to our friends who have been following Budnitz since the beginning.

    Renoun is known for a unique patented technology for incredibly smooth skiing — very similar to the smooth feel of our own belt drives. Renoun's technology is based on a 'non-newtonian' polymer called VibeStop™ and has won the company international recognition and fame.

    Paul met Cyrus, the founder of Renoun, soon after moving to Burlington Vermont in 2013. Renoun's offices are just down the street.