Deciding on which ski is best for you can be tough. To make it easier, ask yourself these 5 questions:


1. Where do I ski?
Not East or West, but where on the mountain? Groomers, bumps, trees, bowls etc. Be honest with yourself - and pick a ski that performs where you do.

2. What ski do I like best?
The apple doesn't fall far from the free - nor should it. Unless you're specifically looking to mix things up, going with a modern version of your favorite ski is guaranteed fun.

3. What type of conditions do I ski?
It's important to buy a ski for the conditions you actually ski, not the ones you wish you could ski (aka powder). It's OK to rent when it's deep!

4. What do I need the ski to do?
Will this be your only ski? Or one of many? If you have a quiver - then you can pick a specialized tool for a specific day. If you're looking for one ski to take with you on any trip, versatility is key.

5. How often do I travel?
Lugging multiple skis when traveling is just no fun. If you plan on traveling, you'll want one that can handle where your coming from - and where you're going to.



Choosing between RENOUN's Models



Any RENOUN brings an unmatched on-snow experience thanks to HDT™. The faster & harder you ride, the more stable & controlled the skis become. 
With a RENOUN no matter where or what your skiing on you'll be performing at your best. This guide will help you decide which geometry best bits your skiing style.  


Choose the Z-Line if you:

  • Ski on-piste more than 50% of the time
  • Like tighter turns and and feeling the “G’s” in a turn
  • Want the best possible edge hold

The Z-Line: A carving ski with a tighter turning radius, full camber and a more serious nature. 


Choose the Endurance 98 if you:

  • Ski off-piste more than 50% of the time (be honest with yourself!)
  • Enjoy a more 'surfy' feeling ski
  • Want the benefits of a lighter & rockered design  

 The Endurance 98: A free-ski styled, slightly rockered ski with a lighthearted attitude. 


Both skis can handle: 
High speeds
Trees and bumps
Back bowls
Powder up to 1-2 feet
Firm snow conditions - thanks to HDT™