Atlas 80

The Atlas 80 thrives on groomed trails and harder snow conditions. It’s great for those who love carving and need maximum edge-hold in the firmest snow, including ice. It’s great for those who spend most of their time on open trails, but still, occasionally hit the woods or zip down a bump run to show everyone they still have it.

If you find yourself skiing off-trail more than 30% of the time, consider the Endurance 88 instead.

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Citadel 106

People call the Citadel 106 a ‘superski’ because it combines an incredible level of performance and a lightweight design in an impossible package. Complete with a full carbon fiber construction, the Citadel 106 is wide enough for all but the deepest backcountry powder days and still at home ripping the resorts lap, after lap, after lap.

If you prefer a little more weight stability and slightly less flotation, consider the Endurance 98 instead.

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Endurance 98

Behold the Endurance 98—an engineering masterpiece with an incredibly robust frame and chameleon-like adaptability. Wide enough for the powder days but stable at high speeds, the Endurance 98 grips ice, crushes bumps, zips through trees, and blasts even the toughest crud. If you need a true powder ski (2ft+ powder), consider the Citadel 106.

If you find yourself on groomed trails more than 70% of the time, consider the Endurance 88 instead.

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Endurance 88 & Earhart 88

Both the Endurance 88 and Earhart 88 are incredibly versatile skis with great edge-hold on groomed trails and smooth turning characteristics that make skiing nearly effortless. They’re designed to give you an exceptional level of control yet, when unleashed, they’ll fly through any woods, bumps, ice, and crust you can find.

Earhart 88: Women-specific—designed, prototyped, and tested exclusively by women. Choose Earhart 88
Endurance 88: Unisex—Choose Endurance 88

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All skis are carbon neutral.

Renoun is the first ski company in the world to be fully carbon neutral. Ski in peace.

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