HDT Technology Diagram HDT Technology Diagram

Hyper Damping Technology™ (HDT™) is the first and only technology that can change the stability of a ski based on skiing conditions and skiing style. Its unique ability to adapt makes for the most versatile skis ever.

The backbone of HDT™ is a material classified as a non-Newtonian polymer. In other words, it doesn’t follow the laws defined by Sir Issac Newton because its molecular structure responds to rapid changes in vibration.

Translation? The harder you ski,
the quieter and more stable your skis become.
HDT Polymer

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A reactive material that becomes firmly resistant as vibrations increase.

HDT Ski Overlay

An unmatched
on snow

Proprietary HDT™ is what you get when you put an non-Newtonian polymer into skis.

HDT Construction


HDT™ allows for the characteristics of both a soft ski and a firm ski to be dually present. The result is a ski with the highest possible level of performance and versatility. Contrary to conventional wisdom, HDT™ provides increased stability with increased speed. For you it means unparalleled, on-demand performance and control.

HDT Ski Base

Ski industry,

RENOUN is the first and only manufacturer to use HDT™. We’ve brought the industry into an entirely new era of design. It’s okay to doubt it. It’s okay to question it. But you can’t ignore it. Here’s what others have to say:

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