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The award-winning Look Pivot ski binding is the most trusted and reliable alpine binding in skiing. The Pivot 14 is an elite-level high-performance binding. The reinforced Full Action toe piece combined with the classic Pivot "turntable" heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption and the longest elastic travel on the market to provide more reliable retention and consistent release - aka it's better on the knees.

Look bindings enable your boot to sit closer to the snow & allow the ski to flex more naturally under foot than any other binding. You get the best snow sensitivity, precision & control and a much more natural flexing ski for optimal ski performance. Backed by durability that's second to none, there's a reason the best pros in the world count on Look.

  • Compatible with all Renoun ski models
  • For more expert/aggressive skiers
  • DIN setting: 5-14 (strong enough for all but pro-level skiers)
  • Brake width: 95mm or 115mm
  • Weight: 2,306g per pair
  • Compatible with all alpine boots (alpine and WTR soles) 

    Which binding model is the one for me? - In general, the Pivot 14 (this binding) bindings are for more advanced skiers - higher speeds, aggressive style, occasional air time etc. The Marker Griffon 13 is for those less aggressive skiers - medium-fast skiing, quick turns but generally keep skis on the ground. 

    Bindings are a personal choice (just like skis) so if you have another preference, you should go for it. Getting a more 'advanced' binding never hurts, they just weigh more, on the scale & on the wallet. 

  • What does WTR mean? - This "Walk To Ride” (WTR) is a fancy way of saying these bindings work with every alpine boot in the world. The WTR version of the binding is simply a feature that enables the height of the surface that the toe of your boot sits on to be lowered or raised. This feature does not affect performance, it is purely to enable the binding to accept "Walk To Ride" (WTR) boots OR standard boots.

    95mm brake fits the Z-90 and Endurance 

    115mm brake fits the Citadel

    For the best binding for the Atlas get the Marker Griffon 13


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