11 Best Ski Blogs for Gear, Travel and More

11 Best Ski Blogs for Gear, Travel and More

Inspiration is always welcome, even for the most passionate of winter enthusiasts. Here at Renoun we aim to ensure our loyal customer base is well informed and updated on the latest industry news, gear releases, and travel ideas. Since real power comes through research and knowledge, we have compiled a researched list of 10 ski blogs covering topics from high-tech gear reviews to top winter travel destinations. 

This list has something for everyone, from beginner-level ski enthusiasts interested in learning the basics to luxury ski vacationers searching for the perfect backcountry chalet. As it can be hard to find reputable online sources of information, we have researched and presented blogs that are transparent in their affiliate partnerships and pride themselves on credibility and unbiased information.


Blister Gear Review

Blister Gear Ski Blog

At Blister, they scream a clear manifesto from the rooftops - “to be as in-depth and honest as possible about the gear we review, all of the time.” Far from satisfied by the state of online gear reviews, Blister is determined to provide their readers detailed reviews that answer the hard questions. In their mission statement, it is also clearly written that Blister does not accept any money from the manufacturers they review, eliminating a reviewer bias and keeping their professional credibility intact. 

With their “no-holds-barred” mentality, Blister maintains a heavy hitter in the ski blog sphere and does well to keep its integrity. For honest reviews and top discussions on the best ski gear, this blog sits at the top of the list. As one reader so eloquently put it, “the site is so good, I’ve neglected my children.”


Pug Ski Blog

Phil and Tricia Pugliese share their passion for the ski industry and cutting edge gear with a technically curious readership on Pugski.com, a leader in media and reviews. Along with their talented and experienced staff, the Pugski.com team conducts in-depth gear reviews and real-world equipment testing to bring avid skiers truthful and reliable information on the latest ski and ski boot technology. 

Since its launch in 2015, Pugski.com has become one of the most referenced ski review sites on the internet. It boasts exceptional credibility when it comes to the quality and integrity of reviews. With the motto “ski talk at a higher level,” this site does not hide the fact that product testing and honest reviews are their forte.


Ski Diva

Ski Diva Blog

For the female skiers fed up with some of the stereotypically “masculine” obsessions of the sport, The Ski Diva offers a wide range of support and information from a dedicated and passionate community of women. With a well-stocked blog and a supportive and informative selection of forum threads, it has been consistently ranked as one of the best ski blogs on the internet. 

Don’t let the name fool you completely; this ski blog is not just limited to female viewership. Through a well-crafted vision of providing a softer angle on the sport of skiing, The Ski Diva has perfected a balanced approach with a variety of useful information for all. It proves that skiing is not just about perfect power runs or extreme mountain thrills but about family, fitness, and an appreciation for progress.


Outside Online

Outside Online Ski Blog

For those in need of some sensory inspiration, Outside Online is dedicated to covering the “literature of the outdoors.” This beautifully crafted blog will take you away to some of the most incredible parts of our natural world through professional editorials and riveting content. 

Outside Online is a formidable start to what might become a travel bug inducing a rabbit hole of inspiration for adventurers who absorb energy from beautiful photos, epic videos, and persuasive narratives.

Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol Blog

With a monthly readership of 5.5 million through online content and their print magazine, Gear Patrol is a familiar name to avid skiers looking for recommendations. Their mission statement includes a passion for products that enrich and empower people's lives and an understanding that reviews must keep up with the evolution of new products. 

While Gear Patrol has a focus much more comprehensive than just the best ski gear, their attention to detail and honest approach shines through in every review. 

The Adventure Junkies

Adventure Junkies Ski Blog

As the name might suggest, this blog is for anyone who shares an obsession with the natural world. What is an adventure junkie? According to the community, “They are infinite learners, dreamers, and doers. Through their experiences in the outdoors, they've developed a deep sense of respect for nature.”

For winter enthusiasts, the Adventure Library is chock-full of articles covering ski gear, ski safety and compiled how-to’s to ensure best habits and proper ski techniques. 

For those mountain adventurers looking to immerse themselves even deeper into the community, the Adventure Academy Summit provides invaluable community support and in-depth online resources to take your outdoor adventures to the next level. 

Digital Trends

Digital Trends Blog

For those tech-obsessed skiers who want to keep up to date on the latest gadgets, Digital Trends is the largest premium technology publisher in the world. With a monthly reach of 100 million per month, this online resource hopes to humanize technology and motivate people to allow enhancement through tech trends. 

Much like Gear Patrol, Digital Trends focuses on a wide variety of tech products and is far from limited to outdoor gear. However, with a quick search of related content, passionate skiers can find some of the top ski gear reviews all subject to high quality standards. 

Outdoor Gear Lab

Outdoor Gear Lab Blog

This gear review site has a simple mission to write the world’s best gear reviews. Their process is simple; they buy products themselves at retail price to avoid conflicts of interest, they test them rigorously, and they write about the result. In a digital world full of biased reviews, this model attracts a loyal readership who’s only desire is honest reviews. 

Their self-proclaimed “secret sauce” is their side-by-side comparative reviews, making it easier for consumers to see all the details clearly and efficiently. With a wide range of ski gear reviews to peruse, this site is one of our favorites when it comes to presentation and clarity of information. 

Switchback Travel

Switchback Travel Blog

Priding themselves on authenticity, Switchback Travel offers product reviews and travel inspiration for those who choose to live their lives outdoors. The site is broken down into three content avenues; outdoor gear, adventure travel, and photography. 

For winter enthusiasts, this site is an excellent combination of honest gear reviews, well-researched product round-ups, and inspiring photos and narratives about all the places to add to the bucket list. Our favorite part? A section dedicated entirely to the best ski gear.


Ski In Luxury

Ski in Luxury Blog

As the name suggests, this ski blog focused on the best of the best, the crème de la crème of ski lifestyle. This informative blog outlines some of the top luxury destinations as well as detailed information on chalets, self-care, and luxury service. 

Ski In Luxury is run by Blue Skies Lifestyle, an online luxury ski holiday agent well versed in luxury ski lifestyle. Founded in 2005, it has earned a title as one of the most reputable luxury ski agencies worldwide. As a family-run operation that focuses on providing quality information to their guests, the well-researched blog posts are great resources for anyone interested in luxury ski travel.

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