About Us

Good design is invisible. It will act as the bond between you and the world — there, but never in the way. Not hindering, only helping.

When we design a pair of skis, our aim is for your experience on the hill to be a byproduct of them. You’re in control, not your skis. If we’ve done our job right, you won’t even notice them on your feet.

When we developed VibeStop™, people said it couldn’t be done. We thought otherwise, and we were right. We're not here to agree with the masses. We are here to lead the way, unabashedly and unapologetically, so you might enjoy your day just a little bit more.

Renoun Founded

MARCH 11th, 2011

December 2011

Cyrus Schenck designs first ski press while working at GE as an intern. First prototypes are built & tested.

June 2013

Renoun is granted their first patent for VibeStop in skis.

April 2014

Initial R&D complete. Renoun moves manufacturing to Rimouski, Quebec in Canada.

November 2014

Renoun launches their very first ski, The Endurance, named after Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica.

January 2015

Renoun wins ISPO Gold and solidifies lead among emerging startup ski companies

August 2015

Renoun is granted 3 more patents for VibeStop — flooring, surfing and a second patent for skis.

January 2019

Renoun wins ISPO Gold again, this time for the new Citadel 106.

December 2019

Renoun installs the first basketball floor with VibeStop at PennState, Altoona.

February 2020

Renoun launches their first women’s ski, The Earhart 88.

August 2021

Renoun launches a completely re-designed version of their first and most successful ski model, the Endurance 98.

Founder’s Note

“I’ve always thought there must be a better way to make a ski with all the high-tech materials being developed in other industries. Ski shapes have drastically improved over the last few decades, but we’re still using the same steel edges and wood cores as my father’s generation. It’s 2020 and I think it’s time to challenge what we’ve all been sold as ‘new’ technology because I think we can do much, much better.”

- Cyrus Schenck

Meet us in the Green Mountains

Find the Renoun team at our office in downtown Burlington Vermont, checking on the freshly minted Renoun skis at our factory in Canada, or ripping corduroy at Stowe on the Endurance 98.

Rob Golden
CEO & Board Member
Jennifer Freas
Interim CMO
Tom Hammond
Interim CFO
Chris Whalen
Board Member
Rick Golden
Chairman of the Board
Jascha Herlihy
Growth Marketing Manager
Cyrus Schenck
Chief Product Officer & Board Member