Renoun Pro Deal Skis

Photo by Joel Caldwell 


Pro Form is for qualified individuals. Must have proof of involvement in the outdoors space, own a hovercraft or otherwise be able to prove you're a way better skier than us.


Qualified individuals include:

  • Ski Patroller
  • Instructor
  • Liftie
  • Mountain Ops
  • Park Maintenance
  • Resort Staff
  • Verified Blogger/Reviewer/Tester
  • Shop Employee
  • Demo Center (no hardgoods retail on-site or online)
  • Any entity pre-approved by Renoun
  • Or a rad person who convinced us they deserve it — email us and ask! 
A full list of requirements are here >





In addition to Pro Deal, we offer Pro Day: an annual 24 hour sale each Spring to pre-order next year's skis at a the deepest discount level. Anyone approved for Pro Deals will also be eligible for Pro Day.


You will be notified by electronic mail, unless you prefer carrier pigeons. In which case, please refer to proper care instructions here >