Anti-vibration Hyper Damping Technology (HDT).

A simple, refined, concept.

VibeStop™ is a non-newtonian polymer which adapts instantly to snow conditions and ski style. When exposed to vibrations the polymer hardens, actively damping the ski.

VibeStop™ expands the versatility of any ski.

Scientifically the most
stable skis in the world.

VibeStop™ expands the usability of any ski in different conditions. This unprecedented connection makes skiing easier, allowing you to tackle more demanding terrain with precision & ease.
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Less chatter

The VibeStop™ polymer gets more and more ‘activated’ with speed & skiing intensity, decreasing ski chatter by over 300%.decreasing ski chatter — opposite all other skis on the market. VibeStop™ has been lab-tested and shown to decrease vibrations over 300%.

The faster you ski, the calmer your skis become.
VibeStop™ weight
Typical wood core weight
3 X
More stable
VibeStop™ weight
Typical wood core weight
50 %
The VibeStop™ polymer is embedded into channels in each ski core and is 50% lighter than the wood it replaces yet performs like metal as you ski more aggressively. It’s the best of both worlds.
The channels of VibeStop™ are 50% lighter than the wood it replaces yet performs like metal.
SKI WITH VibeStop™
Ski with VibeStop™
Ski without VibeStop™
3 X
More stable
Skis with VibeStop™ are over 3x more stable when the going gets rough (high speeds, aggressive skiing, choppy or hard snow etc). They literally adapt on demand to connect you with the snow.
Skis with VibeStop™ are scientifically proven to be 3x more stable.

It's all
in the numbers.

You’ve seen other company’s fancy ‘technologies’ out there. Here at Renoun, when we say “our skis are 300% more stable & controlled”, that’s based off real, actual lab data. It’s not our marketing department making stuff up.
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Note from the founder

When I started RENOUN, I set out to make a ski that was undeniably better. This industry has far too many skis to choose from — the last thing people need is yet another ski brand.

I came across the concept of VibeStop™ in a Materials Science class while studying Aeronautical Engineering — it was a space-age material used by NASA.

When I found VibeStop™, I knew it could change the ski industry forever — and was worth betting the entire company on.

Have a question about VibeStop™? Email me anytime.
I didn’t start a ski company because I thought it was cool.
I started it because when I found VibeStop™, I knew it could change the ski industry forever.

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Atlas 80
Earhart 88
Endurance 88
Endurance 98

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