Instead of demos, all of our skis come with a Moneyback Guarantee. This lets you can ski 3 days on-snow, and, if you don't absolutely love them, you can return the skis for a full refund — no questions asked.
This way you can ski them over the course of multiple days, rather than just a run or two to get a better sense and feel for the ski.

We believe in our product & our technology and stand firmly behind it. We offer a Moneyback Guarantee with every full price, ski purchase from us. Drill it. Mount it. Ski it. Ski them for a handful of days to test them out on the hill (within 6 months of original purchase date), if you aren't in love, we'll buy them back — seriously. 

So, if you buy the skis today, but your first ski day isn't for almost 6 months, then yes, you can return them.

Have a return request? Just email us and we'll get you squared away quickly.