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The ski that put Renoun on the map, the Endurance captivates the elusive all-mountain category. Playful, poppy, and downright fun, its shape is designed to blend with every twist and turn of the trail. It hugs the groomers, slices through tight trees, and floats in all but the deepest powder. When we say versatile, you say Endurance. For an extra boost, the patented VibeStop™ Technology inside the core gives the Endurance the performance edge that other ski’s wish they had. With the Endurance, you really can have it all.


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Louis B.
United States United States

These Skis Can Ski It All

I’ve been skiing the Endurance 88’s in all conditions and could not be happier. My first time out was on hard pack and my immediate thought was “they carve as good as my carvers.” Unfortunately the snow conditions did not change for a while so I could not test their “all mountain” claim. Finally, I had the chance to ski fresh power and crud and they floated quite nicely though it all. After now spending many days on these skis I can honestly say they have made me a better skier, and I love them.

Michael M.
United States United States

Changed my confidence.

It took me two years and many reviews from customers and ski magazines being read to finally pull the trigger on purchasing these skis. They did not disappoint. I was really interested in the VibeStopTM technology, especially up here in the northeast. As I'm getting older, I feel it, well these took the chatter away and my knees really appreciated it. This past weekend as I was talking to a friend after the fourth time using these, I said to him in amazement, have I been skiing on the wrong skis all of these years? The performance of these was second to none. I blasted through and floated on the 7" Okemo received and as the day progressed rode through all the man-made moguls with the most ease I've ever experienced. Thank you Cyrus and the Renoun team, for creating and producing an exceptional product. Mike M. Customer for Life

Daniel S.
United States

Great Skis

No snow in Minnesota so only used them twice on man made junk. Handled the crud and ice fantastic.Very little chatter and very good edge to edge and flat running.Can’t wait to be able to let them go on more terrain.

doug r.
United States United States

Endurance 88's are a game changer!

These skis carve sharper, faster turns and provide amazing stability at 50 mph+, unlike anything I have ever skied. Being a former freestyle competitor, I also love them in the bumps. Friends are buying them now and I have a pair of Citadel 106's on order to replace my really good, 2-year old skis. Ski name withheld to protect the innocent. Revolutionary!

Brian S.
United States United States

The Carve I Craved

So, I got past the “intermediate” level on skis back in the early-1980s, skiing more or less every other weekend and over school breaks at Okemo. I was on these insane Hexcel 210s, and… well, those skis and that terrain kind of defined me as a skier. In the early ‘90s I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I hadn’t skied as much in the late ‘80s, and when I tried to ski the way I skied on “Cascade Concrete” I decided maybe I didn’t need to keep skiing so much. After 25+ years of not skiing some friends talked me into it again. I got a pair of DPS Wailers and skiing started to make sense again, but I was also 25+ years older, and when I read about Renoun and this whole “VibeStop” business, I took advantage of a season-ending sale to grab a pair of Endurance 98s. Oh man are they awesome! But I was also craving the carve — the feel — of those skinny skis that were on my feet when I skied the way I wanted to ski.Enter the Endurance 88s.I snagged a pair when the Spring discounts appeared (the same day I filed my taxes and saw I’d be getting a refund). They arrived on a Tuesday. Bindings were mounted on Wednesday. I was at Stevens Pass on Thursday. Boy howdy, these are the skis for me. I swear they make me a better skier. Maybe even better than I want to be. Through March and April at Stevens they were pretty much the perfect skis, chewing up groomers and slipping easily through the occasional pockets of powder. There was a morning with freshies when I briefly wished I was on the 98s, but after a dozen runs that feeling had passed. These skis are quick and fast, nimble and forgiving. Sure wish they’d extended the season…

Doug R.

RENOUN: Why didn't I know about these skis in California years ago!

I bought a pair of Endurance 88 skis a few weeks ago to see if they held up to my Volkl Kendos. I have to say that I am a little upset and extremely disappointed that I wasn’t made aware of these skis several years ago. Just because I ski in California, doesn't make it fair to have kept these a secret all this time. These skis are unbelievable! They pop into the turn, carve short turns and love the moguls. At 50 mph+ they hold amazingly well. Being a former freestyle competitor, I have normally run with a bump ski, on piste and powder ski. Two skis now seems to work well and I expect to replace my Salomon QST 106s with the Citadel 106 next season. I may have to upgrade the whole family. Very impressive and exciting technology and ski innovation.

Norm D.

The true one ski quiver

Met à Nice couple skiing out western Canada this winter , they both were skiing on Renoun and really liked them. After doing some research I decided to buy the Endurance 88. It’s spring time, I’ve skied them 3 times once on hard packed and twice in very soft cruddy conditions, they’re able to handle it all. Amazing stability at higher speeds, they love to carve and go quick with absolute control, and they have excellent float in the soft stuff, playful in the bumps, I was able to carve even in the soft stuff also. They are relatively light weight which make them manœuvrable and easy initiation in short turns, but when you start ripping at higher speeds, they become incredibly stiff and stable, while remaining light skis, a very unique feel to them! I’m sold !!! If you’re looking for the one ski quiver “THIS IS IT” . I’m so impressed I just ordered a pair of Atlas 80 for the pure carving days in our cold Eastern Canada conditions ( ie: Tremblant)

Tom P.
United States United States

Renoun Endurance 88 177 (with Look Pivot 14 bindings)

Me: 5’ 10”, 180#, 62 years. Advanced skier, some think I’m an expert but I know better. Southern Michigan, so lots of very hard snow and our so-called powder is quite dense. My daily driver has been my 2014 Head Rev85 Pros (177 length, 15.9 meter sidecut), which have a lot of miles on them (easily 800 hours) but are still a decent ride. The first day out the snow was bulletproof, extremely hard even for Michigan, the exact conditions that I found least favorable to my 2017-2018 Endurance 98’s. My first impression was surprise at how quickly and tightly they wanted to turn when I put them on edge, a LOT quicker than the Heads. The Renouns are only an inch shorter, but the cambered length is 8 inches less than the Heads (which, admittedly, have probably lost some life)… anyway, I had to significantly recalibrate myself to the new feel. I was also very pleased to discover that the 88’s responded very well to turn shape adjustments while carving hard; that hasn’t been my experience with my (2nd Gen?) 98’s, which no matter how I pressure them like one turn shape and one shape only when the edges are locked in on ice (to be fair, that feeling goes away when conditions soften up even a little bit and it’s not like glare ice is what you get skis that wide for). Toward the end of the evening I got back on my Heads to evaluate the effectiveness of the VibeStop (formerly called HDT – why the name change?), and sure enough I suddenly realized that the snow was a whole bunch less comfortable than I had thought – my teeth were getting rattled around a lot more and my knee started to complain pretty quickly. The stuff works, for sure.Since then I’ve had them in about every condition you can have in Michigan, including an 8+” day at Nubs when the morning on Goose Bumps was knee deep and I was the only person there and the afternoon on Smokey, Scarface and Chute was all chundered up from the crowds earlier. When I want to go slow and playful they’re nice and bendy and playful, when I want to go fast and hard and lay down trenches they hang on like wolverine teeth, and I can change my mind about which one I want to do in an instant. And they’re smooooooth, seriously, that BS about how “the faster you go the smoother they feel” isn’t BS. Absolutely fabulous skis.Final note: when I got home from Nubs I found a serious gash on one of them, apparently one inside edge hit the other and peeled up about three inches of the top layer of fiberglass all the way down to the titanal. When I sent Renoun an email asking what I should do, at first they thought I meant just the topsheet, but when I sent a good closeup photo to clarify they said “oh, we apologize, that looks like a problem with the layup, let us send a replacement”. They sent a return label and shipped me the replacements a few days after that, even though I wasn’t able to send the damaged ones back for a few more weeks after that (I came down with covid right at that time and was way too sick to leave the house).So yeah. Renoun. Remember that name. And if you’ve never read the astounding true story of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, do yourself a favor and correct that.

Jeffrey D.
United States United States

Been skiing the Volkl Code PSI for 11 years and absolutely love them but the Endurance 88 knocks them out of the park, amazing edge grip on hard snow and floaty in softer snow. The VibeStop is the greatest material ever added to skis. Any chatter was unnoticeable.


Mitchell A.
United States United States

Endurance 88's are my NEW Favorite Ski's!

For the last 30+ years, I've skied on Rossignol's and Volkl snow ski's. The last 5 years were Volkl's. I'm 55 years old now and although I dont have bad knees or hips, I was VERY intrigued by Renouns VibraStop. Decided to "Splurge" on myself and buy it to try them out. When I received it, I immediately had the new Marker blindings professionally mounted as well as detune and waxed. I headed to Snow Summit in SoCal to try them out. Took my Volkl's with me as back up in case I hated them.It took me a few runs to get the feel of it and get comfortable with how smooth it was. These ski's completely grabs/carves the snow so well on every turn and, they are proactively saving my knees, hips and the rest of my body via the VibraStop so I can ski harder and longer. I then spent a week skiing on them in Mammoth!! (I didn't even bring my Volkl's on this trip)Again, my Reonoun Endurance 88's are now my favorite ski's!! ⛷Thank you Renoun!!!~Mitchell

Peter W.
Canada Canada

From Kimberly Alpine Resort

I’m really enjoying the skis, they are a very good example of an all mountain ski, from cruising the groomers to skiing the bump runs they perform really well

Fred S.
United States United States

Awesome and Fun skis

I love them. I came home after my 2nd day this year and told my wife "my knees don't hurt!". Ready for winter to finally get to the mid atlantic to ride more. Very stable at speed with very little chatter. Thanks Jascha for all your help. I don't think I see any reason to ski any other ski.

United States United States

Absolutely incredible!

These skis are killer! As a Whiteface Mtn native, these skis handle everything the mountain throws at them: boiler plate, fresh stiff corduroy, wind blown powder. They are playful, powerful, and an all around joy to ride!

Michael K.
United States United States

Great skis and service

Like the skis and thier service, when I purchased them was great. Good folks! AAA++++

Ric V.
United States United States

Nice skis

Used for a half day so far, quite impressed. Need more time, but after skiing Head Kore and Elan Rip Sticks, the Endurance was stable and gripped the Loud Pow very nicely. A friend took 1 run on them and really enjoyed them. Another friend was looking for them at Demo Week, that Stratton is hosting. We 3 are Telemark skiers, 2 Tele only. Very pleased with the purchase!

John K.
United States United States

Endurance 88

We went to Stowe, Vt. and skied them three days. They were GREAT!