Weight:1,905 g/ski

These aren't your grandfather's skis.

Space-age materials to let you ski longer, ski harder and have more fun on the hill.
  • Handle More Terrain
    Two full sheets of titanal metal gives you more power and confidence at speed.
  • Carve like a pro
    A versatile shape increases your maneuverability.
  • Faster bases
    Sintered 4001 Durasurf bases are the optimal balance of speed and durability.
  • Save your knees
    VibeStop soaks up chatter and vibrations so your knees don’t have to.
Durable Nylon Topsheet
Full Sheet Titanal
UHMW Sidewall
8 inlays of VibeStop™
Full Sheet Titanal
4001 Sintered Race Base
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Maple Wood Core
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Hardened Steel Edges
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Ski longer with VibeStop™

A non-Newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ is precisely inlayed into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations while skiing, the polymer instantly reacts and actively dampens the ski up to 300%. Instantly adapting to ski conditions and your skiing style, VibeStop™ allows you to ski harder, run after run.

It’s not rocket science. It’s ski science.

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Minimized Chatter

VibeStop™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Increased Confidence

More stability for greater confidence no matter what terrain you're on.

Moneyback Guarantee

Love Them Or Your Money Back

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All Renoun skis are handmade in Canada using the finest materials.

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Alex T.
United States United States

So much fun

I am used to scrambling up the Stockli Laser x on Eastern hard pack. Needed at ski that was a little more playful and was a true all mountain ski. The Endurance 88 was perfect! Bringing them to Utah for groomers in two weeks.

Tobiad G.
United States United States


I have been out on these 5 times now and I absolutely love them!

Andrew B.
Canada Canada

Best Damn Skis Ever !

I've been skiing for 50 years. I've skied on many different skis but these babies are hands down the most responsive, stable, dependable skis I have ever owned! The Endurance 88's literally take me along for a ride and I do my best to keep up with them. Really glad I went with the 184cm as opposed to the 177cm. Well done Cyrus & the crew at Renoun AAA +++

Harvey K.
United States United States

Love my skis!

Granted, the skis i replaced were about 13 years old and heavy. But after 4 days on snow, the endurance 88s make skiing easy. They hold a turn like a rail and quickly adjust to speed and terrain changes. Short or long radius turns are fluid and smooth. Thank you!

Martin M.
United States United States

Loads of Fun

First day out! Playful, great grip, super stable at high speed, fun in the woods

Daren L.
United States United States

The Best Yet!

I am a 57 year old National Ski Patrol Certified Patroller and PSIA Level II working on Level III. I absolutely love this ski! It performs amazing on the groomers. The edges hook up and bend the ski for some awesome carving. They perform equally as well off Piste. The ski's provide me an excellent base of support for teaching both Students and Ski Patrollers. I would, without a doubt, purchase this ski again and again. It is by far the best performing ski I have ever owned. Hats off to the Renoun Engineering Team!

Daren L.

By far the best yet

I was searching for a new ski this year as my Rossi's were showing signs of used up. I spend over 200+ hours every year on my ski's. I am a National Ski Patrol Certified Patroller #791 and a PSIA II Ski Instructor working on my Level III. These skis are by far the best I have ever been on. They are extremely responsive on the groomers an perform equally as good off piste. The ski gives me great control when perform demonstrations for students and Patrollers. I am extremely happy with my Endurance 88 and may add another model to my quiver. Highly Recommended!

United States United States

Oh yeah, they're great

Killington 12/12 and 12/13/22 first time on them. A step up from an older more narrow Saloman I've had for about 10 years. Day one, ice,hardpack, general crud a little bit of groomers. A leisurely day of just getting back in the swing of things, handled everything well. Day 2, much better conditions, started to let loose. The stability at speed on the smooth stuff is noticeable, no chatter, just feel totally in control. No snow off the trails so can't comment on the off piste. Loving 'em so far.

John &.
United States United States

Phenomenal Ski

This will be my 65th season skiing, 29 years as a paid full time patroller both in the midwest and MT and 22 years as PSIA level 2 instructor. I take an annual spring trip to MT at the end of the season. I worn both knees out and have had them replaced. The Endurance is truly a phenomenal ski. I have a handmade pair of Swiss skis that I now loan to other members skiing with me. I used to think it was the best. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome ski, but its been replaced by the Renoun 88. This ski holds an edge better than any ski I've ever been on regardless of terrain or conditions. A friend, another patroller clocked me (I really don't care at this point in my life) making huge GS turn and approaching 55mph. Normally I wouldn't do that because I've broken enough bones, but the 88's made it seem completely reasonable. I'm looking forward to this coming season as my second knee replacement will be at full strength. For the first time I'll be skiing with two straight legs and full strength. I'll see if I can come even close to pushing the limits of this ski. I'm hoping to get contact with a fist. Just buy it, Jocko

Jon H.
United States United States

Amazing skis. Tame the hardpack, the crud, and are so EASY on the knees!

I'm 61yrs old. Have lived in and skied Jackson Hole for 42 years now. Last year, the conditions were terrible. Lots of unexpected time on hardpack, in broken/frozen crust. My knees were dying from trying to ski planks that were 108mm and more underfoot on the hardpack. I had seen several promo videos for Renoun, and the VibeStop really intrigued me. After some very helpful phone convos with Jascha, I ordered a pair of the 88's. I hadn't been on a ski this narrow underfoot in a long time. I was blown away. They are some of the most fun skis I've ever had. They are nimble, quick-turning at slower speeds, and yet stiffen up and stay damp at higher speeds and longer turns. They made the less-than-deal conditions so much more FUN. And, I found that at the end of the day, my knees didn't feel like they had been through a war. The technology truly works, and I am going to be hard-pressed to ever buy any other brand of ski. Have my eyes on the Citadel 106's for this season right now, and can't wait to get them out in the mountains.

Michael D.
United States United States

New standard in all mountain ski

Great ski. Particularly on groomed terrain and pow on groomer. Light and lively. Great customer service. Reserved the 98 under foot for next season!

Denis L.
Canada Canada

No review

Sorry but since I bought my new Renuon skis I had a bad ankle injury so impossible for me to try it. I was so excited about that . I’m working to get full recovery for the next winter ! Thank you ! I steel a Renoun skier !

United States United States

Simply awesome

I don't need three days to decide - two runs was enough. Conditions: we've had Spring weather for a few weeks at Alta, but suddenly it got cold (low 20's for a high) and the surfaces were firm ice (maybe not East Coast icy - but icy for us). It was a groomer only day. I'm 5'10", 190 lbs. I normally ski original Enforcers (100) in 185 - chose to get the longest 88s (184). I love the Enforcers - smooth and stable in high speed GS carves - no drama, easy switching from edge to edge when changing direction, nice float in moderate powder, and strong enough to bust through cut up snow. After one day I can only compare the Renouns on grooomers. On the first run I thought I might have to be a little conservative to get the feel of these skis, but they just kept asking - don't you want to go faster? So I did - very calm, good edge grip, no trouble getting used to these at all. Second run - let 'em fly: I was shocked when, during the transition from one turn to the next, the skis tossed me (yes, airborne) to the other edges (the Enforcers don't do this). Tossed makes it sound like it was scary - but no - I felt completely in control in the air and on the landing - it was a blast! When I got to the bottom to wait for my friends I just had to burst out laughing. That was it - keepers for sure. Overall impression? 184 cm is a great length for me - definitely didn't feel like to much ski; extremely stable on high speed groomers (hit 53.5 mph - no concern at all); very good edge grip on very firm surface; fun energy out of turn! Anything not to like? Only one thing - they sound "brittle". They don't feel brittle - at all. But compared to the Enforcers, it's a sound I wasn't used to. Would not stop me from getting another pair if anything happened to these - they ski so well! I would love to see a similarly built Endurance 98 (two sheets of metal). I'm thinking that my wife may see some Earharts in her future!

Ross S.
United States United States

They rip!

Love these skis! Truly versatile in all terrain. What I love the most is how light and quick they are. Can jump from carving right into the bumps and the skis are so quick underfoot when you need them to be.

United States United States

Stable, playful, ripper

I was super fortunate to experience and demo Renoun skis at the Blister Review Summit in Crested Butte a few weeks ago (and chat up the Renoun team) - and before I even left town, I had my Endurance 88’s on order - and after showing up and getting mounted (the day they arrived!) these skis have now rocked both Park City and Grand Targhee, as they did in Crested Butte. They are so fun and easy to ski in a multitude of conditions that they have “politely” kicked out a ski or two (or three?) from my quiver and earned a front row seat on the rack and are now the first ski I reach for when I head out on anything other than a powder day (which given the sad climate change in the west, means they are getting used more than ever). Stable? Check. Playful? Check. Responsive? Check. Overall happiness? Check check! (Get the idea??).

andrew S.
United States United States

In Love

The more days I get on these skis in more carrying conditions, the more I love them. They really ski like very different skis when I am flying all out down a groomer or flicking quick turns on the soft edge of a slope.

Best Use

All Mountain — 70% on-trail, 30% off-trail.


The Endurance 88 is the perfect pick for skiers ski more than half their time on-trail but still desire strong performance off-trail. Variable crud melts under your feet as the full-metal titanal sheet and VibeStop™ soak up any impending chatter in your path. The result? An incredibly smooth, powerful ride that turns with ease.

Confidence-inspiring performance.


“One of the most interesting skis for me this year – yet again – is a ski by Renoun…The Endurance 88. I think [VibeStop™] is the craziest, most true, marketing speak that we’ve come across in over a decade… [VibeStop™] is totally true…It’s fascinating.” 


- Jonathan Ellsworth, Blister Gear Review 


(Quoted from the GEAR:30 Podcast Ep. 129)




Radius:17m (184cm), 16m (177cm), 15m (170cm), 14m (163cm)

Lengths:184cm, 177cm, 170cm, 163cm

Weight:2,010 g/ski (184cm), 1,905 g/ski (177cm), 1,800 g/ski (170cm), 1,685 g/ski (163cm)

Factory Bevel:1 degree base / 1 degree side


VibeStop™ 8 Channels

Core Stable Canadian maple wood core

Reinforcement Two full sheets of Titanal metal and tri-axial fiberglass


Vibration Reducing Polymer

8 Channels of VibeStop™ provide unmatched dampness. Soft and playful at rest, yet stiffens when vibrations increase and force is applied.

Titanal Metal Reinforcement

Added Damping Power

Two sheets of titanal make for an even more stable ride. Pair this with our proprietary VibeStop™ (HDT) polymer. Unmatched stability and confidence at speed.

Aspen Full Wood Core

Lightweight Strength

A strong, yet lightweight wood delivers stability without slowing you down.

Race Base

Speed isn't an issue...

Our 4001 Sintered Race Base makes keeps your skis quick and nimble.

How Does It Compare?


Endurance 88

This ski is optimized for those who spend most of their day on trails throughout the resort—but still like to venture into the woods, bumps or powder when it's good. A great all-mountain choice. View Endurance 88 >

Compatible With All Bindings

We engineer all Renoun skis to be compatible with any binding on the market.

(Skis do not come mounted)

Free Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on all full-priced skis to the US and Canada. We also ship to Europe, Japan and Australia for a fee.

Order by 1pm Monday-Friday EST for same-day shipping.

Renoun uses VibeStop in basketball floors like PennState's court in Altoona.

Contact our sister-company for inquiries here >

Renoun has patented VibeStop in surfboards and boat hauls. A more stable ride on the water? Yes please.

Moneyback Guarantee

Love Them Or Your Money Back

1. Mount Your Skis

Mount up your new Renouns and take them to your favorite mountain.

2. Go Skiing!

Ski 3 days – get a feel for them in a variety of conditions.

3. Not In Love?

If you don't absolutely love them, remove your bindings and send them back for a full refund.

Return/Exchange Form >

Drill it. Mount it. Ski it.

We believe in our product & our technology and stand firmly behind them. We offer a Moneyback Guarantee with every full-price ski purchase from us. Ski them up to 3 days within 6 months of delivery and if you aren't absolutely in love, we'll buy them back, no questions asked.

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