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Marveled for its innovative and award-winning design, the ENDURANCE is our flagship ski with nothing left to chance.

Perfected after years of R&D, the ENDURANCE was the test bed for a technology that would deliver what some call the first “adaptable” ski in the world.

When the ENDURANCE launched, it was an instant, international award-winner, sweeping the ISPO Gold only months after its release.

This patent-pending technology, dubbed HDT™, is known for its ability to adjust in real time to the skier and the snow conditions. Any skier, any snow. It’s the most functional and versatile ski in the world.

On the slopes, the ENDURANCE is light and playful in softer conditions, yet rock solid and sturdy when things get rough. Thanks to HDT™, the ENDURANCE offers a flex pattern on demand. It’s the best of both worlds and a totally new skiing experience.

The ENDURANCE is the first ski made with HDT™, and that puts it in a category by itself. In this case, we think that’s the best place to be.

 Now available in 98mm and 104mm waist widths. 

  • Award-Winning design. (I.S.P.O. Gold)
  • 300% less chatter — more control in all conditions.
  • Unmatched stability and control — Patented technology. 
  • Adapting — Firm & controlled or soft & forgiving in response to surface conditions and skiing style. Patented technology.
  • 8 precision channels of smart HDT™ in each ski (16 total).
  • 2-Year Warranty.
  • 100-Day Trial & free returns.

By The Numbers

Guarantee 100-Day Trial & free returns.
Lengths 169, 178 & 184cm (104mm in 184cm only)
Lay-up Eight (8) HDT™ inlays, pre-cured uni-directional carbon fiber and triaxial fiberglass.
Sidecut Elliptical-comparable to 20.5 meters (178cm)
Dims 98mm: 121-98-115 mm, 3550g/pr (178cm). 104mm: 127-104-121mm, 3750g/pr (184cm)
Waist 98mm or 104mm

Includes 100 Day Trial & Free returns

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    Every ENDURANCE is engineered to the highest standards to perform flawlessly with HDT™.

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    A total of 8 inlaid HDT™ channels are inlayed into every ski. By substituting 15% of the core, we’ve increased stability by over 300% at speed. Insane, we know. It's like cheating physics.

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    Full aspen core gives an uncompromised mixture of strength, weight, and pop. Your turns become nimble and effortless. Not to mention lighter if you’re hiking.

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    UHMW sidewall is tougher than its weaker PBC counterpart. Stronger sidewalls translate to stronger, more durable skis.

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    1.8 mm hardened steel edges stay sharp longer and give you a more consistent and enjoyable experience. Again and again.

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    A full sheet of carbon fiber combined with triaxial fiberglass is the perfect blend. And it’s easy on the scale, too.

HDT Technology

HDT’s backbone is a material category called Non-Newtonian Material.

Hyper-Damping Technology™ (HDT™) is the first and only technology which can change the dampness (stability) of a ski based on skiing conditions and skiing style. Its ability to adapt allows for the broadest range of function in any ski, ever. HDT’s backbone is a non-Newtonian material, meaning it defies the laws of Sir Isaac Newton. HDT’s molecular structure hinders rapid changes in vibration and makes RENOUN the most stable, responsive ski available.



We inspect every part of every roll of material to come through our doors. We will not compromise the performance of any ski we make. The key to our world-class skis is in the core and that is where you’ll find our proprietary HDT™. We’ve carefully extracted and measured it to meet an unmatched 300% dampness factor in your favorite pair of skis.

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