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All Mountain — Incredibly versatile, the Endurance embodies the term 'all-mountain'.


Our versatile model in the collection, the Endurance 98 is at home on the hardpack, yet its subtle rocker-camber-rocker profile give it the versatility to deftly navigate tight trees and back bowls. At 98mm underfoot, it’s a perfect "do everything" kind of ski — there’s a reason why 98mm is the best selling waist width in the world. If you can’t say your favorite type of terrain because you “ski everywhere”, then this is the ski for you.


Blister Recommended
Backcountry Select
PugSki Tester’s Choice




Radius:20m (191cm), 19m (184cm), 18m (178cm), 17m (169cm)

Lengths:191cm, 184cm, 178cm, 169cm

Weight:1835g(191cm), 1771g(184cm), 1719g(178cm), 1554g(169cm)


VibeStop™ 8 Channels

Core Aspen wood core

Reinforcement Carbon fiber and tri-axial fiberglass

VibeStop™ (HDT)

Vibration Reducing Polymer

8 Channels of VibeStop™ provide unmatched dampness. Soft and playful at rest, yet stiffens when vibrations increase and force is applied.

Aspen Full Wood Core

Lightweight Strength

A strong, yet lightweight wood delivers stability without slowing you down.

Race Base

Speed isn't an issue...

Our 4001 Sintered Race Base makes keeps your skis quick and nimble.

Moneyback Guarantee.

Never choose wrong — mount ‘em, ski ‘em and if you’re not totally in love, we’ll buy them back, no questions asked.

How it works >
  • Tri-axial Fiberglass
    Lightweight performance. Stability without all the weight.
  • Versatile Shape
    With rocker in the tip and tail, the more you tip the ski on edge the more it engages into a turn. Also lends to a much more forgiving personality.
  • Race Base
    Sintered 4001 Race Base with an optimal balance of speed and durability.
  • VibeStop (HDT™)
    Soaks up impending chatter & vibrations to make for a smooth, powerful ride.
Durable Nylon Topsheet
Titanal Binding Reinforcement Plate
UHMW Sidewall
8 inlays of VibeStop™
4001 Sintered Race Base
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Aspen Wood Core
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Hardened Steel Edges
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Ski Blueprints

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We embed channels of a non-newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations, the polymer hardens actively damping the ski. It literally adapts to snow conditions and ski style. It’s the first of its kind, sounds too good to be true, right?!

Learn More >

Minimized Chatter

VibeStop™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Increased Confidence

More stability means greater confidence no matter what terrain you're on.

A breakthrough technology
you’ll only find in a Renoun.

State-of-the-art materials work together for a feeling you've never had before.
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David D.
United States United States


Everything from staff to perches and the ride. Is the best I've ever experienced. I have ridden 10 different brands in my 44 years of skiing.my go to skis have been volkl and renoun blows them away. When the founder says(there's nothing else on the market like renoun). He is being modest. I bought the endurance last season. This season I'm buying the Z90 for the groomers.

Edward B.
United States United States

I can’t believe how great these skis are

I skied for the first time on my new Endurance’s yesterday at Crystal Mountain, there was 12” new overnight, fresh snow falling and accumulating all day, with 28” in the last 48 hours and who knows how much over the past week. I can’t believe how great these ski’s are, I have only a few days so far this year but I was making super-quick jump turns in narrow chutes and when the visibility got good was letting the Endurance’s fly over the untracked powder at pretty high speed and couldn’t believe how stable these are and floaty. I’m stunned and in love with these ski’s. My previous all-mountain Rossi Experience 98’s were good but these are just much better. I’m not sure I’ll ever ski on my Atomic Backland 109’s ever again.

Ed S.
United States United States

Ed’s newbies

Good and came as advertised.

Scott D.
United States United States

Noticeable vibration damping

Two days out on fresh, CO snowfall and I really love the feel of these skis. Mostly groomed runs, so no powder yet, but I can really notice the vibration dampening as compared to my last pair of Dynastars and you are very right in saying zippier. I’m loving them so far. Length feels right, too.


Like nothing I've ever skiied before

Had my first session with these today. Skiing in the lower northeast can be a tough battle with ice at times. These skis adapt to your aggression and take whatever you want to throw at them. See a spot up ahead that looks skiied off and choppy? Just turn into it hard and you get good bite and no choppy vibrations. Higher frequency vibrations are nearly non existant. Lower frequency vibrations are also greatly reduced. It feels like the harder you ski them the better they preform. The only limiting factor today was my own legs. Excited to keep pushing them as the season progresses. Truly a fantastic ski, well done everyone.

Bill P.

From another planet...

After the first day on Renoun skis, I can only conclude these came from another planet with a civilization way more advanced in skiing than earthlings. After progressing through 50 years of ski technology under my feet, I just experienced a day from the future. There are more performance aspects of these skiis that are not described on your website. When the skiis are naturally "dampened" they hold a line on ice, as they do not chatter and lose their grip like every other ski I have ever owned. I can only say that I am so amazed by these skiis and the technology that I also purchased the Z-90s as well. The friends I was skiing with are now considering them as well. Amazing stuff!

William B.

One Badass Pair of Skis

You have created one hell of a ski to be on. I had the Z-90s delivered just before the thanksgiving week and was able to ski on them for 5 days straight and am at a loss for words as to how smooth and stable they are across all the ever changing conditions of opening week at the face. Quick and light in the moguls, planted at high speeds, great grip on ice, and can push their way through all the crud. The only thing I can really compare them to is a strange mix of the stiffness/smoothness of my GS skis with the quick turns of my slalom skis, and the lightness/float of my Kendos. They will definitely get used and abused this season teaching skiing.

Alastair R.

A serious do-it-all quiver killer

TLDR: They do everything, and they do it all extremely well. You will not regret buying a pair. At the end of the 16/17 season I was looking for something a bit burlier in the upper 90s/low 100s range and came across these. I was intrigued by the design and immediately loved the graphics so got to looking at reviews. With nothing bad to hear from anyone anywhere besides gripes about the price I took the plunge... ...and holy hell these things rock! When people ask me about them I explain it like this: They're as light as a dedicated touring ski, that's as damp as a park ski, but can still rip down the mountain like the most monstrous all mountain ski you can think of. To give you an idea of their versatility; in my quiver right now I also have MTN Explore 95s with G3 Ion 12s and Rossi S7s with Marker Barons and I have not touched either pair yet this season in 37 days of skiing everything from icy groomers on Whiteface, tight trees in the ADK backcountry, and deep powder in the Chic-Chocs. If you want a ski that can do it all, without sacrificing seemingly anything, then this is your ski. Background info: Me - 5'9', 190 lbs, around 25% Resort/75% Backcountry. The Skis - 178s, with Tecton 12s at the factory suggested mounting point.

Ryan T.


I have been skiing Volkl Mantras as a one ski quiver for several years. Coming off the current Mantra version to the 98’s I was beyond impressed. I just got 3 days in CO on powder, crud, groomers, trees, bumps, and wind blown icy ridges. At all times in every condition I felt in more control and confident than I ever have. The skis just did everything I asked them to do with a freedom that is hard for me to describe. An amazing combination of performance and fun! These are in my opinion the “Holy Grail” I have been searching for.

Benjamin t.


What can I say about the Renoun Endurance skis that hasn't already been said. Without a doubt one of the most amazing skis I have had attached to my feet. I have been skiing the east coast my entire life and as anyone knows we get quiet a bit of ice, mixed in with our few powder days. These skis have been unlike anything else I've skied. They transition so beautifully from ice to hard packed to powder. The harder I ski the more stable I feel on these bad boys. I was honestly a little worried at first because the skis do not weigh very much and I have always skied pretty aggressively so I was worried they would not feel as stable at higher speed and mid turns, but they have absolutely out performed the expectations. All I can say is that you have to try these skis for yourself. They are truly AMAZING! Great job Cyrus and the Renoun Team and keep up the great work! Best wishes, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Jeff J.

Weight to Damp Ratio Perfection Achieved......

Received my 98's in 184 just a week prior to the Killington Cup. I mounted Salomon STH2-13's on the 0. There was limited terrain open at Killington for the World Cup this Thanksgiving weekend but I had to get on these skis and this was a good chance to put the 98 through some east coast challenges. Trails got skied out and bumped up quick especially down low where everything funneled into just a couple runs to get down. The first thing that struck me was the sense that while skiing I didn't even know they were there. Confidence on the skis came quick and they rapidly became an extension of my will. I bombed some good runs with lots of rollers, lots of side pitch, mixed boiler plate, soft snow, and man made piles of sugar 24" deep. Nailed it. They never bucked, they never twisted, they never chattered. They edged, pivoted, rolled over and plowed through any line I chose (or was unable to hold due to early season legs). I skied lines that I've never skied before on the Renouns with a level of confidence in tactical icy terrain that I've not had before. Mouse trap is a short steep pitch of icy bumps that normally I would avoid and I had no problem cutting the diagonal trough line or simply stivoting around them or turning down the backsides. Any turn shape I chose in any condition, as well as I could drive the 98's, they delivered. The weight to damp ratio is perfection. The flex profile is variable and adapts instantly. I can't wait to get these out West.

Law K.

Life Altering...

As a PSIA Certified Instructor and Coach, Renoun has changed everything in my skiing. Last year I was so lucky to be the first Vermonter to purchase a pair, and after a full season on them- teaching dynamic skiers, they have lived up to every expectation and exceeded my wildest dreams of what a ski should or could be. With over 4000 days of skiing Killington alone, these skis have redefined everything I do on snow. I feel very fortunate to be one of the first 100 people to ski Renoun. Thank you Cyrus! You are a genius. And thank you for "Friending" me on FB. You're a visionary and a life-changer...

Ron From PugSki.com

The Endurance 98 dethroned the much lauded Nordica Enforcer.

The Endurance 98 is a pretty incredible ski! For my 6', the 184 ski's a bit short but is super stable and it dances in powder, trucks in crud/wind load and even had great stability and edge hold in icy wind buffed. Loved it in the bumps too! The ski just didn't get phased or deflected. The Renoun feels very much like my Stockli 107 in that its super damp but still remains very light, lively and playful. Its super flickable in the trees and bumps. In a very short period of time I totally trusted the ski. Our snow that day (Steamboat) was a mix of deep powder all the way to wind buffed in near white out conditions (when not in the trees) You really don't know what you would be skiing on your next turn (not kidding here ) and I totally trusted the 98; it just handled anything you ran into. I sold my Nordica Enforcers and bought a pair.


I fell in love with this ski and its technology

I've skied Head Magnum i.supershape '15 a newer ski with a "chip" for torsion. My ski is a heavy ski! but easily manageable. I was very, very impressed with both models of Renoun. Both pairs were very quick to respond, especially their carving groomed ski, as well, they were very light, which meant i could throw them around with very much ease. Their powder wider ski responded with such ease even on a mid afternoon, groomed hard pack rain filled frozen snow in Vermont '2016, that I can't wait to try this pair in powder. I've noticed that they make a different noise than my skies on the snow. These skies are so different from ALL THE REST!


The Ultimate All Mountain Ski

The Endurance can do it all. Incredibly playful in powder and softer conditions yet stiff and stable at speed. The hype around the ski is real and can only truly be proven when skied. It only took one day for me to realize that the technology in the ski is the real deal. It was a classic east coast 'powder day' AKA dust on crust. At times I was skiing in 10 inches of powder and then transitioning to rock hard groomers. The Endurance handled it all with with playfulness in the soft stuff and then carving high speed GS turns on the groomers. There is not much more you can ask for out of a ski. I highly recommend RENOUN skis to anyone - they do it all.

Émile C.


They actually do it all. Groomers, powder, slush, name it ! This is by far the most stable ski I've had the chance to try. Stiff at high speed and playful when you need it. And they are so damn light. Genius work.

How Does It Compare?


Endurance 98

The Endurance 98 is the wider brother to the Endurance 88 and is overal a slightly more versatile design. For skiers who realistically ski 50% of their days off of hardpack, it's great for variable snow depths, trees, and the occasional pow day. The Endurance 98 is suited for those who don't need as much float at the Citadel 106 or quite as much grip as the Endurance 88. View Endurance 98 >

Compatible With All Bindings

Renoun skis are compatible with any alpine binding on the market.

(Skis do not come mounted)

Free Shipping & Returns

All full-priced skis ship for free to US, Canada, the EU & Japan. Returns are free, too.


We also pay all import duties for international orders — you just cover applicable local taxes. We've got your back, friend!

Renoun uses VibeStop™️ in basketball floors like PennState's court in Altoona.

Contact our sister-company for inquiries here >

Renoun has patented VibeStop™ in surfboards and boat hauls. A more stable ride on the water? Yes please.

1. Mount your skis

Mount up your new Renouns and take them out to your favorite mountain.

2. Go skiing!

Ski a few days – get a feel for them in a variety of conditions.

3. Not in love?

If you don't absolutely love them, remove your bindings and send them back for a full refund.

This guarantee gives you 3 days on-now to try out your new skis. Within 6 months of delivery, if you don't absolutely love your skis after 3 days skiing, we will buy them back no questions asked.  



So, if you buy the skis today, but your first days of skiing aren't for almost 6 months, then you can still return them. How about that?!



Moneyback Guarantee does not apply to used or demo or blemished skis unless otherwise specified. Bindings are excluded from all warranties or exchanges —  it's a liability thing, sorry!

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