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WOMEN’S ALL MOUNTAIN — Performance on groomed terrain & versatile in trees, bumps and light powder.


Designed, prototyped and tested by women, the Earhart 88 wasn’t designed by a committee of men. With best-in-class edge hold, smooth turn initiation and a playful personality, it makes skiing feel effortless again. Rocker in the tip & tail add versatility in soft or variable snow while camber underfoot allows you to carve hard on the groomers. With plenty of stability thanks to two partial sheets of titanal metal and 8 inlays of our patented non-newtonian HDT™ polymer, you will never feel so confident on a pair of skis.




Radius:14.5m (170cm), 13.5m (163cm), 12.5m (156cm), 12m (149cm)

Lengths:170, 163, 156, 149cm

Weight:1,440g/ski (170cm), 1,400g/ski (163cm)


Technology: 8 inlays of HDT™ (14-16% core volume)

Core: Aspen with HDT™ inlays & titanal binding retention plate.

Reinforcement: Two partial sheets of Titinal metal, carbon fiber and tri-axial fiberglass



Moneyback Guarantee.

Never choose wrong — mount ‘em, ski ‘em and if you’re not totally in love, we’ll buy them back, no questions asked.

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  • All Mountain Versatility
    At home on hardpack. Explore the trees, bumps, bowls.
  • Enhanced Stability
    We combined the damping power of our patented HDT™ polymer with the torsional rigidity of two partial sheets of titanal. You will have never felt this confident on a pair of skis.
  • Designed, Prototyped, & Tested by Women
    Simple as that. A ski for women, should be made by women right?
  • Non-Newtonian
    We embed channels of a non-newtonian polymer that literally adapts to snow conditions and ski style. When exposed to higher speeds and vibrations, the polymer hardens actively damping the ski. It sounds too good to be true, right?


We embed channels of a non-newtonian polymer called HDT™ into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations, the polymer hardens actively damping the ski. It literally adapts to snow conditions and ski style. It’s the first of its kind, sounds too good to be true, right?!

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HDT™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Lab tested

Our performance claims are from the lab, not the marketing department.

A breakthrough technology
you’ll only find in a Renoun.

State-of-the-art materials work together for a feeling you've never had before.

Free Shipping &

For any full-price ski in the US, Canada, the EU and Japan (and free returns, too).


Enjoy financing available on all purchases, securely.


If you don’t absolutely love them, send them back for a full refund. . . seriously.

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James G.
United States United States

Love them

My wife loves her new Earhart skis. Too bad she had such a short time to ski on them. She said it was like floating on air-- point them and they turn!

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Earhart 88 Size Chart

Height (in) Height (cm) Relaxed skiing style Aggressive skiing style
4’10” 147cm n/a 149cm
4’11” 150cm 149cm 149cm
5’0” 152cm 149cm 149cm
5’1” 155cm 149cm 156cm
5’2” 157cm 149cm 156cm
5’3” 160cm 156cm 156cm
5’4” 163cm 156cm 163cm
5’5” 165cm 156cm 163cm
5’6” 168cm 163cm 163cm
5’7” 170cm 163cm 170cm
5’8” 173cm 163cm 170cm
5’9” 175cm 170cm 170cm
5’10” 178cm 170cm n/a
Relaxed: A more typical skiing style.
Aggressive: Higher speeds, powerful skiing style.
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1. Mount your skis

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2. Go skiing!

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3. Not in love?

If you don't absolutely love them, remove your bindings and send them back for a full refund.

We're serious about this guarantee. Within 6 months of delivery, if you don't absolutely love your skis after a handful of days skiing them, we will buy them back.


So, if you buy the skis today, but your first days of skiing aren't for almost 6 months, then yes, you can return them.


Due to current world-wide circumstances of COVID-19, we are extending the 'trial period' to December 24th, 2020 — so you can actually ski them once resorts open in the Fall.


What do we do with returned skis? Give them to our athletes!

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