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Groomed Snow — Groomed trail performance with no shortage of grip & control – confidence in variable snow/crud.


Our narrowest most responsive edge-to-edge in the collection, the Atlas 80 represents the pinnacle of on-piste performance and all-around versatility in the 80mm category. It's full camber profile lends to a more grippy and zippy feel than a typical "all mountain" ski yet turns with ease without being too overpowering. Fresh corduroy in the morning and bumps in the afternoon, buckle up ladies and gents, it's quite the ride.



Dimensions:128-80-113mm (177)

Radius:16m (184cm) ,15m (177cm), 14m (170cm), 13m (163cm)

Lengths:184cm, 177cm, 170cm, 163cm

Weight:1919 g/ski (184cm), 1804 g/ski (177cm), 1708 g/ski (170cm), 1621 g/ski (163cm)

Factory Bevel:1 degree base / 1 degree side


VibeStop™ 8 Channels

Core Maple wood core

Reinforcement Two Full Sheets of Titinal metal, carbon fiber and tri-axial fiberglass

VibeStop™ (HDT)

Vibration Reducing Polymer

8 Channels of VibeStop™ provide unmatched dampness. Soft and playful at rest, yet stiffens when vibrations increase or force is applied.

Titanal Metal Reinforcement

Added Damping Power

Two sheets of titanal make for an even more stable ride. Pair this with our proprietary VibeStop™ (HDT) polymer. Unmatched stability and confidence at speed.

Maple Full Wood Core

Tried and True

Maple wood makes for a strong, confident, consistent feeling ski.

Race Base

Speed isn't an issue...

Our 4001 Sintered Race Base makes keeps your skis quick and nimble.

Moneyback Guarantee.

Never choose wrong — mount ‘em, ski ‘em and if you’re not totally in love, we’ll buy them back, no questions asked.

How it works >
  • Stability of Titanal
    Two sheets of titanal metal add even more damping power and confidence at speed.
  • Full Camber
    More camber = more contact to the snow. Grippy and zippy. Steers with ease but not overpowering.
  • Race Base
    Sintered 4001 Race Base with an optimal balance of speed and durability.
  • VibeStop (HDT™️)
    Soaks up impending chatter & vibrations to make for a smooth, powerful ride.
Durable Nylon Topsheet
Full Sheet Titanal
UHMW Sidewall
8 inlays of VibeStop™
Full Sheet Titanal
4001 Sintered Race Base
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Maple Wood Core
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Hardened Steel Edges
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We embed channels of a non-newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations, the polymer hardens actively damping the ski. It literally adapts to snow conditions and ski style. It’s the first of its kind, sounds too good to be true, right?!

Learn More >

Minimized Chatter

VibeStop™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Increased Confidence

More stability means greater confidence no matter what terrain you're on.

A breakthrough technology
you’ll only find in a Renoun.

State-of-the-art materials work together for a feeling you've never had before.
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Andreas B.
United States United States

ATLAS 80 is a weapon!

ATLAS 80 is a weapon! East coast snow, groomed, Ice in the morning … well we had conditions like that 2 weeks ago and it was my first chance to use this ski. I give it a 90 out of 100 before I did the edges. And after doing the edges (changed them to sharp with 87 degrees) it became a 99/100. Fantastic! Supporting a ski form the US/Canada is treason for an Austrian. But this ski is worth it.

Desmond Y.
United States United States

Very Happy

Skiing Zermatt and Cervinia at the moment with massively long runs with steep slopes.. Handles extremely well with the changing conditions here. Incredible control at high speeds. I forget sometimes I am not on a race ski. Very happy with my pair of Atlas skis.

A Renoun Skis Customer
Jordan L.
United States United States

Best Skis Ever!

I have never had more control and speed in my life. These skis are truly an engineering marvel. Can't wait to get back out on them again and again this winter.

Edward D.
United States United States

Atlas in the East

Great on groomers and ice. Faster the better they go. Too stiff in bumps for me. I’m out West this week and the Atlas stayed in the East! General impression, they are lots of fun if you like to go fast on groomers. I do!

Gordon B.
Canada Canada

Atlas Skis

Love them , awesome carving on the groomers , great in the bumps , and powder stable at high speed . Haven’t found a weekness or downside to the ski . Gord

Rich P.
United States United States

Atlas Skis are turning machines

Yes these skis want to turn! Think turn, relax, and they take you exactly where you want to go without hesitation. Skied at Squaw when the conditions were a little tricky but these Atlas skis held their edge and when you let them go….well they were as stable as the Z90’s! Skiing athletically on the Atlas ski is a thrill no kidding. They pushed my abilities and wanted more turns. Love the ski and would highly recommend it for salmon skiing.

Stewart A.
United States United States

Great frontside skis

Unfortunately, I've used these a lot this year because early season powder days have been few and far between! Fortunately, they've been the best skis ever for the scrapey hard pack conditions--much better than my Rossignol 88s. When I hit an icy patch, they really bite rather than skid. The Atlas skis have actually made these interminable hard pack days enjoyable! They felt a little damp at first but now that I've figured out how to ski them they are super lively and quick from edge to edge. I tend to make a lot of short-radius turns at slower speeds but I feel more comfortable letting them run than I have on previous skis. Really nice!

United States United States

Engage afterburners!

After skiing for the first hour way too conservatively on these skis (and initially thinking them blah because of that), I have now had them out a few times and opened them up on the groomers. I'm probably not expert enough to provide the right technical feedback, but these skis enable one to go like a rocket yet feel very reassuring on the feet. I'm 65 and I've had them at a little over 44mph which is pretty quick for an old man. Having now got used to them, I can't imagine using anything else on the front side. Fabulous job RENOUN - thanks so much!

United States United States

Holy S***! This ski rips!

I had the pleasure of being able to ski the final prototype version of the Atlas and boy was I impressed. The first thing I noticed was how quick these skis are from edge-to-edge.The 80mm waist allows for quick, responsive turns and gives you the confidence in even the firmest conditions.. The other thing I noticed when skiing the Atlas was how comfortable I was at high speeds. If you're looking for an on-piste ripper or the best beer league ski on the market, look no further.

United States United States

These things can rip!

I had the chance to test out the final prototype of this ski last year on a true east cost day. These things can fly while also holding an edge on all the "features" (ice) you would expect on the east coast. Quick, nimble, light and able to set an arc when you want to let them run - what more could you ask for.

How Does It Compare?


Endurance 88

The Endurance 88 is designed first and foremost as a hardpack & groomer ripper. Yet, with it's wider platform than the Atlas 80, it’s wide enough to keep your tips up after a refresh from Mother Nature. This ski is the perfect pick for skiers who stick to mostly groomed terrain, but want a little more performance and off trail versatility in deeper snow than the Atlas 80. View Endurance 88 >

Compatible With All Bindings

Renoun skis are compatible with any alpine binding on the market.

(Skis do not come mounted)

Free Shipping & Returns

All full-priced skis ship for free to US, Canada, the EU & Japan. Returns are free, too.


We also pay all import duties for international orders — you just cover applicable local taxes. We've got your back, friend!

Renoun uses VibeStop™️ in basketball floors like PennState's court in Altoona.

Contact our sister-company for inquiries here >

Renoun has patented VibeStop™ in surfboards and boat hauls. A more stable ride on the water? Yes please.

1. Mount your skis

Mount up your new Renouns and take them out to your favorite mountain.

2. Go skiing!

Ski a few days – get a feel for them in a variety of conditions.

3. Not in love?

If you don't absolutely love them, remove your bindings and send them back for a full refund.

This guarantee gives you 3 days on-now to try out your new skis. Within 6 months of delivery, if you don't absolutely love your skis after 3 days skiing, we will buy them back no questions asked.  



So, if you buy the skis today, but your first days of skiing aren't for almost 6 months, then you can still return them. How about that?!



Moneyback Guarantee does not apply to used or demo or blemished skis unless otherwise specified. Bindings are excluded from all warranties or exchanges —  it's a liability thing, sorry!

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