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Here’s a ringer for ya. My company, RENOUN, actually prides itself on its technology and the ability to make a better ski. So why would I put this on the ‘unimportant’ list? Because I’m an engineer and have run the numbers behind many of these ‘technologies’. Sometimes they do actually work, but often they work to actually make a ski worse while making for a good marketing effect (usually the case). Other times, they would actually improve a ski’s performance, but no more than gluing a hunk of quarters to your ski - which would be much cheaper.


So, take it or leave it, but I’ve yet to see any other company publish data (beyond fancy graphs) that show real benefits. We’ve run the numbers, side by side, on our skis and send the data for people to analyze for themselves.

So far, no one has been able to say we’re wrong.

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FACTORS TO CONSIDER: There are 5 things you need to consider when picking out a ski. Remember, these are aspects you need to decide - not your buddy who tells you stuff. Sure, take it into consideration, but remember you are buying for you, not them.




Ski Types

Waist Width


FACTORS TO NOT CONSIDER: Just as important are the things you SHOULD NOT consider when picking a ski. In my experience, with all the things to think about, I would worry about these the least.



>> Technology (yep)

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