Why you shouldn’t consider technology when choosing a ski

Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

Here’s a surprise for ya.

At Renoun, we pride ourselves on our patented technology and it's ability to make a smoother ride. So why would I put this on the “unimportant” list?

Ski “technology” is often a sham

As an engineer, I’ve run the numbers behind many of these “technologies.” Sometimes they actually do work, but often their impact makes for good marketing and bad skiing. Other times, these technologies improve the ski’s performance but so would gluing a hunk of quarters to your skis — only that would be much cheaper.

I’ve yet to see any other company publish data (beyond fancy-looking graphs) that show real benefits. Maybe you believe it, maybe you don’t — but we’ve got the data to prove it. We’ve run the numbers on our skis versus competitors and sent the data to buyers so they can analyze for themselves. So far, everyone has been impressed by the results.

There’s a lot more to ski selection than technology

Technology might be overrated, but there are a few ski characteristics that aren’t — 5 of them, to be exact. Find the 5 things to consider and 3 things not to consider when choosing a ski in our full guide: How to Pick the Right Ski

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