Elan Ripstick 88 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Elan Ripstick 88 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

The Elan Ripstick 88 is one of the more similar skis the Endurance 88 that we’ve found. Elan, a mass-market giant has long since perfected ski design… but are they getting stale? Renoun’s hot-off-the-press Renoun Endurance 88 is certainly leaving some wondering.


Renoun skis are known for their stability due to the use of non-Newtonian polymer, providing a damp and stable ride. The Endurance 88 offers excellent stability, especially at higher speeds and on variable terrain. The Ripstick 88 is shockingly light which just doen’t bode well for their inherent stability, which is fine if you’re a slower skier.


The Ripstick’s lighter weight mean it’s definitely easier to toss around, but we found the Endurance 88’s solid canadian maple core to have more rebound and pop.


With its stability, the Endurance 88 performs well in edge-to-edge transitions, offering a smooth and controlled experience. The Ripstick 88's lightweight construction and shape make it quick and responsive in transitioning from edge to edge, providing an agile feel.


Renoun skis are generally known for their versatility, and the Endurance 88 holds up well across different terrains and snow conditions. The Ripstick 88 is versatile too, particularly excelling in softer snow and varied terrain due to its lighter construction and rocker profile.


The Endurance 88 is solid for carving thanks to its stability and holds up reasonably well in powder due to its wider platform. The Ripstick 88 is more inclined towards powder skiing with its lighter construction and rocker profile, but it can still carve effectively.


The Ripstick is a lightweight ballerina and will easily succumbe to quick changes in direction, but at the expense of jittery platform. Overall, while not as ‘feather light’ as the Rickstick, the Endurnace 88 has a more well-rounded design and more lively and stable across a wider range of conditions.

"The Ripstick was more jittery while the Endurance 88 is more lively and stable across various conditions."