10 Best Ski Jackets for Men 2023-2024

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A good ski jacket is the difference between a enjoying a run, or wishing you chose a different vacation sport altogether. It will keep you warm on bone-chilling winter days and breathe on a bluebird spring day. It's the first line of defense and worth choosing the right one for your daily mission. 

Ski jackets have evolved over the years as manufacturers searched for the perfect combination of warmth, waterproofness, breathability and fit. Most skies now choose a shell as their outermost layer and then insulate with a variety of garments from there. However, you can still find some 3-in-1 jackets that combine these benefits into one. 

Of course, if you’re going to invest in the best ski jacket on the market, then make sure to pair it with the best skis in the industry. Renoun's award-wining skis use VibeStop™, a non-newtonian polymer which stops chatter and enhances your skiing performance. Check out Renoun’s line-up of award-winning skis.

1. Men's MTN-X Glacier Jacket by Orage


The Orage MTN-X Glacier Light Jacket is great if you care about weight. Catering to those who enjoy breaking a sweat while in the cold, this jacket can is best for those who spend time going uphil as well as down. Made with an ultra-lightweight 3-ply fabric, it is lighter, thinner & a touch less 'burly' than the Orage Spurr and Orage Chic-Chocs jacket. You wouldn’t even notice if this was shoved in your pack due its next-to-nothing weight.

On top of weighing a-smidge-more-than-a-feather, Orage utilizes a stretch-friendly, yet still waterproof and breathable, material. Light enough to be your off season rain jacket, yet still beefy enough to ride the resort in any conditions. How could you even create a better jacket?

Being designed and tested up in good ol’ Canada (just like our skis), it is pretty clear that these jackets can hold up to the toughest of the tough. Ever hear of the Chic-Choc mountains? No? Look them up and you will understand that Orage has been around for decades for good reason. This is a brand that will continue to be a staple in the industry.

Price: $525

Shop Orage MTN-X Glacier 3L Jacket >


2. Figment Men's Ski Jacket by Stio

Stio Figment Men's Ski Jacket

The Figment Men’s Jacket is Stio’s first ‘freeride’ oriented jacket and is built to protect against various weather conditions while maintaining a balance between functionality, comfort, and style.

The Figmen’s Mens Jacket has a relaxed freeride fit, bold colors, thoughtful features and durable Stio’s proprietary PeakProof™ fabric. The Figment Jacket is a tribute to Stio’s do anything mentality. This jacket is a 3L 20k/10k rated jacket with an amazing rip-stop material on the outer. It features two-way underarm venting, interior security and stash pockets, peripheral hood adjustments and a comfortable collar and chin guard. Pretty clear why the Figment jacket by Stio is towards the top of everyone’s favorite list this season.

Headquartered near the iconic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Stio is one of the most successful new outdoor brands in recent years. We’ve been fans of their gear since we stopped by their headwaters in 2014. Inside secret: Stio's founder once dyed her hair green for a product launch—a bird used it as a perch for an hour. 

Price: $499

Shop Stio Figment Men's Ski Jacket >


3. Men’s PowSlayer Jacket by Patagonia

Patagonia Powslayer Men's Ski Jacket

The Patagonia PowSlayer Jacket was designed to be one of Patagonia’s top-of-the-line pieces for everyone who likes powder (so… everyone). Known for its exceptional waterproofing, breathability, and durability, it's a favorite among serious adventurers tackling extreme conditions.

The PowSlayer Jacket is lightweight, packable, optimized for backcountry touring and features a pretty minimal design. Even though it is pretty lightweight, it makes for a killer option in the resort for layering. The GORE-TEX Pro fabric package includes the first 100% recycled nylon face fabric to deliver the highest level of durable waterproof/breathable and windproof protection available. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. But what else would you expect from someone like Patagonia?

Patagonia is a renowned outdoor clothing company known for prioritizing the outdoors with recycled fabrics and use of fair trade. The owner, Yvon Chinourd, just recently donated the company to allow the profits to be used on environmental campaigns as well. Big moves are always happening at “Pata-gucci!”

Price: $749

Shop Patagonia PowSlayer Jacket >


4. Albert Men's Ski Jacket by Flylow

Albert Men's Ski Jacket by Flylow

The Flylow Albert is that jacket you can never be without once you get your hands on one. Have you ever thought “Man I wish I had a jacket that breathed enough to take into the backcountry, but still had just enough insulation to keep me warm?” Well here it is! This exact question was what birthed the Albert Jacket, a waterproof shell stuffed with 60-gram recycled Greenloft insulation that’s breathable and compressible but also lightly insulated.

It’s no coincidence that skier-owned companies keep making their way on to this list. Started by two buddies in Colorado, Flylow gained a cult following right from the beginning. One of their first products was the “Black Coat”, so it’s clear they are opting for needs instead of flashy paint jobs and furry cuffs. To this day, Flylow is some of the toughest products out there, and the Flylow Albert Jacket is no exception.

Price: $450

Shop Flylow Albert Men's Jacket >


5. Rush Men's Ski Jacket by Arc'teryx

Rush Men's Ski Jacket by Arc'teryx

Calm down, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it's another Arc’teryx piece on a “best” list. The Arc’teryx Rush Jacket may not be in the price range for everyone, but man oh man is it worth it. This Jacket is built for the backcountry’s big mountains, and it is incredibly clear from the quality, features, and articulation. Made from the strongest GORE-TEX around, it has exceptionally durable waterproof, windproof protection and breathes for comfort on ascents. The Rush Jacket has a helmet-compatible StormHood™ that provides full coverage of your head with a helmet on, with zero impact on vision. Every little stitch was thought about, and it truly feels like an extension of your body. The articulation does not limit any range of motion, and it truly provides the best fit of any jacket out there.

Price: $700

Shop Arc'Teryx Rush Men's Ski Jacket >

6. Cosmic Primo by Trew

Cosmic Primo by Trew

The Trew Gear Cosmic Primo Jacket is sustainably built with less impact, but still packed with all the features skiers and riders know and love. The woven face fabric takes 100% certified recycled nylon and constructs it into an ultra-durable oxford (pinky’s up, please) weave with a slight mechanical stretch. The final product is Trew's most durable, comfortable, and sustainable outerwear. The Cosmic Primo Jacket comes to the market with a 20k/20k performance, all while maintaining the most comfortable feel and maneuverability. 

Trew Gear seems to hit the perfect balance of technical performance, and freeride style. Their products are designed to take the beating of the Pacific Northwest (where they are headquartered), all while staying comfortable and looking good. If there was a Portland, Oregon based company that was not stylish, hell would be freezing over.

Price: $499

Shop Trew Cosmic Primo Men's Jacket > 


7. Garibaldi Infinity by Helly Hansen

Garibaldi Infinity by Helly Hansen

Once you get past the name, the Helly Hansen Garibaldi Infinity Jacket is actually better than you think. They use HELLY TECH®, which is a waterproof/breathable/windproof membrane that keeps you comfortable on the slopes. On top of this innovative membrane, they also use PrimaLoft® Black Eco 60g insulation. When this is paired with their H2Flow™ ventilation system, you are going to be living the dream no matter the temps. Plus, there are bonus insulated pockets for your phone and camera batteries, insuring the longest day on the hill.

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand that was established in 1877 and specializes in technical sailing and outdoor apparel. Since then, they have become a massive player in the ski industry as well. Fun fact, the Garibaldi Jacket was named after Mount Garibaldi in Canada, known for its extreme weather, indicating the jacket's intended use in harsh climates.

Price: $550

Shop Helly Hansen Garibaldi Infinity Men's Jacket >


8. Summit Series Stimson Futurelight by TNF

Summit Series Stimson Futurelight by TNF

The Men’s Summit Series Stimson FUTURELIGHT™ Jacket is a high-performance shell that is straight from the FUTURE! Waterproof, breathable and lightweight, this shell is designed to be an uphill enthusiast's best friend. With ideal pocket placement and seamless shoulders, the jacket is a backpack’s right hand man.

FUTURELIGHT™ fabric is this futuristic waterproof material that The North Face has invented. This material has proven to have even better waterproofing and breathability than GORE-TEX. Could this be the latest and greatest jacket and technology on the outerwear scene? It very well could be.

Price: $600

Shop TNF Summit Series Stimson Futurelight Jacket >


9. Nomad 3L By Strafe

Nomad 3L By Strafe

The Strafe Nomad is an absolute ripper of a shell that is catered to the freeride rider in your life. It features Strafe’s eVent® DV Alpine 3L fabric, which is a 100% recycled material. This 3 layer style allows for the best waterproofing and breathability, all while having some stretch to keep you nice and comfy when you’re ripping. The Nomad has been designed to spend days at the resort, but then when the lines get unbearable, you don’t need to worry about changing your jacket to do some backcountry laps.

Started by a set of twin brothers in Colorado, they knew what kind of stress ger is put under. Once you are unsatisfied with the constant flow of the same jacket in different colors, I guess it's time to make your own! Coming from skiers and riders, community is of major importance to the Strafe. Only until you get yourself in a piece of your own, you may not understand the amount of passion that goes into the design and feel of these jackets.

Price: $679

Shop Strafe Nomad 3L Men's Jacket >


10. Haydon Goretex 3L by Armada

Haydon Goretex 3L by Armada

Coming from Armada, one of the hardcore skier-only companies, the Haydon GORE-TEX jacket is designed to be used by the best. Some people are skeptics when it comes to a hardgood company making softgood products, but it creates some of the best pieces of outerwear. The Haydon GORE-TEX® 3L Jacket is designed to be THE high performing jacket with all the features you could possibly need, and none you don’t. Three-layer GORE-TEX® fabric supported with GORE Tricot Backer® fastened with YKK® AquaGuard® proves that Armada is using only the best. Features like wrist gaiters, a helmet compatible hood and an integrated jacket to pants system creates a brick wall between you and the harshest day mother nature has to offer.

Stemming from the birth of freestyle skiing, Armada is definitely catering to that side of the industry. Can you only utilize this jacket in the park though? Absolutely not. The Haydon GORE-TEX offers you the comfort and look of a freeride jacket, with the capabilities of a backcountry bomber. You truly get the best of both world with the Haydon.

Price: $599

Shop Armada Haydon Goretex 3L Jacket >


 I hope you find our round-up useful in choosing the best men’s ski jacket for your needs. 

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