It’s been almost 2 years to the day since

I left college to work for Renoun. 

I was coming off 2.5 years studying aeronautical engineering and a nice 9 month stink working for General Electric. Things where looking good. Opportunities for employment when I finished studies where there and within easy reach. Probably with a cushy salary to boot.  

But the life I was preparing myself for just didn’t feel right. I have a list of things that are important to me, a list of values per say, which I use to guide my life. And what I was doing I felt was pulling in the wrong direction, something just wasn’t right.

Looking back on it now, this is how I felt. It now seems a simple life choice I made, like whether or not to eat a PB&J or a Nutella sandwich (actually a very difficult decision, even to this day). 

In the moment, however, it was a complete mess, a disaster. Some would say that I was young and I had time to make mistakes. But, I would say that my goals where ridiculous enough that there was no room for error. This decision had to be the right one. 

With too many “what-ifs” to name, I decided to leave and work full-time for Renoun, which was still just an idea at the time.  

The one thing I did know was this: I would always wonder what would have happened had I not made the decision. That was the single thing I did understand. There was no way I was going to be an 80-year-old and look back and wish I had the drive challenge the normal. I couldn’t live with that knowledge. 

So I left. I dropped out. And now I’m dropping into an incredible journey to bring something new to the market.

What would you do if you where 80?

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