Marketing Associate (Part-Time) - Social Media Focus

About The Role:

Our world is increasingly defined by technology and social mass communication. We are a global community that is creating, sharing, and communicating faster than ever.

We are looking for someone who can help us tap into the social fabric of the communities we serve by listening, engaging, supporting, creating and sharing with our fans of today and tomorrow. This will be primarily done via social media, but could entail email marketing, demo days, guerilla marketing, etc…

It’s a part time job: hours and days will woven into your availability and the business needs. Expect 10-15 hours a week.

What’s in it for you:

You will get first hand experience in an industry you are passionate about, build your resume, learn from startup founders and marketing experts, help build a company still in it’s infancy, receive deep discounts on gear and lift tickets, use your innate creativity and communication skills to produce results, and work autonomously to execute the core functions of the job.

You will gain experience with a broad range of people, geographies and brands - introducing you to new ideas and opportunities for growth.

The future is bright for Renoun and this role could grow in many different directions.

About You:

You are a curious creator who not only understands the nuances of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but has experience creating content that is engaging, original, and diverse. You are willing to learn and eager to try new things.

You are a proactive leader: You don’t need to be told what to do, or always shown the way - you initiate new ideas, lead the pack, and stand out from your peers.

You are hardworking, thorough, humble & reliable: You see jobs through to completion, deliver what you commit to, and pay attention to details. You give other people credit for their work, understand the value of working as team, and listen twice as much as you speak.

You live in the Burlington, VT area: Much of the work will be done remotely, but we will need to meet/work in Burlington 1-2 days a week.

How to Apply:

Send an email with your resume, social media usernames, and a recap of how you exceptionally match the description above to:



About Renoun:

There are close to 1,600 ski models in today’s market, but few of them are fundamentally different.

With RENOUN’s proprietary Hyper Damping Technology™ (HDT™), we are building a better ski and challenging everything that came before us.

We were lucky, actually - we stumbled onto the data from a polymer that cheated physics. The beautiful truth in the data led us in pursuit of what would become HDT™. We wrestled with this substance previously reserved for the aerospace industry and prototyped our skis until we found success.

In 2014, we launched RENOUN and immediately turned heads. Within two months we won ISPO’s Gold Award.

As RENOUN prepares for the future we bring a proven ability to engineer, create, and build products that continually challenge industry standards.

Located in Burlington, VT, we are inspired to redefine the future of skiing and are looking for a smart people to join us.