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Distinctive for its innovative design, the Z-LINE is your performance ski every time in every condition. A stunning meld of classic architecture and modern technology brings you the most stable and controlled ski in the world.

In the past, the design of an on-piste ski left it landlocked on groomers. But with HDT™ in the core, we freed it up for any slope: from early morning corduroy to late day crud. We’ve engineered a carving ski that hyper connects you, your skis, and the snow. Make nimble transitions and effortless turns with incredible stability. This is skiing like never before. More speed and more control are yours with the Z-LINE. The most experienced skiers can take on the most challenging conditions, ever.

Now available in two widths, 77mm and 90mm.


  • Gold Award Winning design. (I.S.P.O. Gold Award)
  • Adapting — Firm & controlled or soft & forgiving in response to surface conditions and skiing style.
  • 300% less chatter — proven to have more control in all conditions.
  • 8 precision channels of on-demand HDT™ in each ski (16 total).
  • Gold Standard 2-Year Warranty.
  • Exacting control and effortless skiing — lab proven
  • 100-Day Trial & no-questions-asked returns. 


By The Numbers

Guarantee 100-Day Trial & free returns.
Lengths 157, 165, 174 & 180 cm
Sidecut 15 meters (174cm) 
Technology Eight (8) HDT™ inlays in each core, full titainal metal, carbon fiber and triaxial fiberglass. 
Dims 90mm: 136-90-124mm, 4150g/pr (174cm). 77mm: 123-77-111mm, 4000g/pr (174cm)
Waist 77mm or 90mm

Includes 100 Day Trial & Free returns

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    Precision Engineering. Every Z-LINE is engineered to use On-Demand HDT™ for effortless control and unmatched stability. It's the best thing since metal edges. 

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    Award Winning HDT™ Inside. 8 inlaid HDT™ channels are inlayed into every Z-LINE ski. This 15% equivalent swap-out of the Maple core, we’ve increased stability by over 300% which means unimaginable control. Insane, we know. It's like cheating physics. Learn More >

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    Solid Canadian Maple. Maple core + HDT™ gives an uncompromised mixture of strength, weight, and pop. Your turns become nimble and effortless. 

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    Tougher Sidewall. UHMW sidewall is tougher than its weaker PBC counterpart. Stronger sidewalls translate to stronger, longer lasting & more durable skis.

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    Hardened Steel Edges. 1.8 mm hardened steel edges stay sharp longer and give you a more consistent and enjoyable experience. Season after season.

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    Full Metal. A full sheet of titainal metal and carbon fiber combined with triaxial fiberglass is the perfect blend. The metal adds an extra level of stability, while the carbon keeps the weight increase negligible. this is how skis are supposed to feel.

HDT Technology

HDT’s backbone is a material category called Non-Newtonian Material.

Hyper-Damping Technology™ (HDT™) is the first and only technology which can change the dampness (stability) of a ski based on skiing conditions and skiing style. Its ability to adapt allows for the broadest range of function in any ski, ever. HDT’s backbone is a non-Newtonian material, meaning it defies the laws of Sir Isaac Newton. HDT’s molecular structure hinders rapid changes in vibration and makes RENOUN the most stable, responsive ski available.



We inspect every part of every roll of material to come through our doors. We will not compromise the performance of any ski we make. The key to our world-class skis is in the core and that is where you’ll find our proprietary HDT™. We’ve carefully extracted and measured it to meet an unmatched 300% dampness factor in your favorite pair of skis.

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