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A unique take on a traditional carving ski — take it anywhere. Easy to ski, yet has no top end.


The Z-90 really is a unique ski and fits in-between categories that most people think of. It has the shape of a traditional carver with a 15m radius, yet at 90mm underfoot, its wide enough to duck off trails, power through crust & crud and even surf powder. It’s easy to ski casually but rips when you lay it over — there’s no top end.







Factory Bevel:


VibeStop™ Channels

Core wood core



Moneyback Guarantee.

Never choose wrong — mount ‘em, ski ‘em and if you’re not totally in love, we’ll buy them back, no questions asked.

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  • Carving
    A unique take on a traditional carving ski — take it anywhere. Easy to ski, yet has no top end.
  • Moneyback Guarantee
    If you don’t absolutely love them, send them back for a full refund. . . seriously.
  • 90mm waist
    We combined a traditional carver shape and wider waist to make a super capable all-around ski that rips on groomers.
  • Non-Newtonian
    We embed channels of a non-newtonian polymer that literally adapts to snow conditions and ski style. When exposed to higher speeds and vibrations, the polymer hardens actively damping the ski. It sounds too good to be true, right?
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We embed channels of a non-newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations, the polymer hardens actively damping the ski. It literally adapts to snow conditions and ski style. It’s the first of its kind, sounds too good to be true, right?!

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Minimized Chatter

VibeStop™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Increased Confidence

More stability means greater confidence no matter what terrain you're on.

A breakthrough technology
you’ll only find in a Renoun.

State-of-the-art materials work together for a feeling you've never had before.
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Andy H.
United States United States

Happy knees

I appreciate the skis because of little chatter which enables me to ski chalky groomers for hours longer with little knee fatigue. Thanks for a great pair of skis!

Andy H.
United States United States

Happy knees

I appreciate the skis because of little chatter which enables me to ski chalky groomers for hours longer with little knee fatigue. Thanks for a great pair of skis!

Emeric D.
Canada Canada

My go-to when conditions are unknown...

It was so much fun to try different snow and terrain conditions with this ski. Incredibly versatile, I had a smile on my face for a week. Thank you Renoun! I am proud to be part of your team! The online ski selector service and downstream service was very well done!

Jeffrey C.
United States United States

The Z90s tackle any bump, turn, or speed I throw at them! They're great!

I finally got my Z-90's, with Tyrolia Attack 13 bindings, out for the first time this weekend (Whitetail, PA). With temps into the 50's and snow ranging from untouched groomed to chopped up crud-- they were incredible. The vibration damping works, the ride was smooth no matter what was underfoot in these early season "spring" conditions. Effectively the skis disappeared from my awareness, the sensation was simply one of pressure underfoot and control no matter what I asked of them. Response was immediate with no swing weight worth noting; they carved precisely even on the one small patch of wet hockey rink I could find, plowed through a few deliberately hit bowling-ball sized snowballs effortlessly, and were willing to tackle any bump, turn, or speed I threw at them. Never too stiff nor too soft. The day included a private lesson with an extremely experienced instructor that was also quite impressed by how they performed from his perspective. There's no doubt they allowed me to ski better than ever- even on the first day of the season for me. I'm convinced already... and looking forward to trying them on a real mountain in January! My wife was equally impressed with her own Z-90's. Thanks for making such a great product.

David B.
Canada Canada

Very good skis

I realy liked this ski it very smot and agrasive even if have some ice on the ride .If I have to rebuy the ski i will do.

Steve S.
United States United States

They are awesome!

My husband gave me these skis in anticipation of a trip out west. They've been awesome in the powder out west (Alta) as well as the ice in the east! Love their ability to transition. Jan

Gary B.
United States United States

These things are great!

Skiing in New England and run into all types of conditions. My first time on the z90's was on ice and crud, but I couldn't wait to take them for a spin. Although nothing would have felt great on that snow, the z90's did a great job holding an edge and plowing through anything with great stability. Last few times out was on better snow and I have to say, these things are great! Quick from edge to edge, stable at high speeds and really handle the firm, fast, icy and corduroy snow I've been out one. Haven't been in trees, bumps or powder yet due to the conditions, but the early reviews are great!! I'm 5'8" 160 lbs and got the 165 length. I was torn between that and 174 and on Renoun's advice went shorter. So far so good. Wish they would have offered them in a 170 length.

Tom S.
United States United States

Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to express my gratitude to you guys on your skis, I skied Mt snow Sunday December 22 2019, on my new Z90 skis ( new to me), best skis I have ever been on, the reviews are correct about your skis, keep up the good work guys. In a year or two I will buy a new pair, as long as I am skiing, it will be on renouns. I can't thank you guys enough for these skis.

John S.
United States United States

Best skis I have ever used

Incredible!!!!    First day on them today at Copper and 7 inches of snow. Absolutely the best skis I have ever used in over 40 years on snow! Wow!

George O.
United States United States


My opinion Ski was not ready to go to the slopes had to re-engineer the bevels to make it work properly no stoneground from factory


Best skis and incredible service

These skis are incredible. The z-77’s are unbelievably light, stable and quiet yet not overly stiff. After skiing them for a few days I ordered a pair of the endurance too. The customer service is equally incredible. Quick to answer any questions and very quick getting me the skis. My friends probably think I’m on commission I’ve been talking the up so much.

george m.

They live up to the hype

I now have about 15 days on my new Z Line skis and they have significantly exceeded my expectations. They are the perfect New England ski. They are great carvers on groomers, holding a line , whether -quick turns along the side of a trail, or wide turns, without sliding as the trail is skied off in the afternoon. It is easy to get them around on the bumps, and they really excel in holding an edge on the bullet proof bumps we encounter after a thaw/ rain/ freeze cycle. They are versatile, skiing equally well in the woods and groomed and ungroomed terrain. They are a pleasure to ski.

Wendy S.

First turn was amazing....but it kept getting better!

The Z-90 is the best, most versatile, and most fun ski I have ever skied. Clean carves, energy from turn to turn, easy to vary turn shape, handles all conditions from AM soft snow to icy patches to afternoon crud. The HDT really works....ski them faster and feel the damping effect; ski them slowly and the ski turns easily with a big sweet spot. So much fun!!! The Z-90 has made my other skis obsolete.......now I just want to try an Endurance or Citadel!


Z-90 in 90mm, 180cm Great Ski

Very impressive and the HDT does work. The most interesting is the fact the faster you go the more stable it gets. Just laughed going down the hill at how stable it gets the harder you push it. Never had a ski like this in the 35 years + of skiing. Short to long carves, does it all. Well done, ordering the Citadel to replace my aging Soul 7's.

john w.

174 Z-line

Skied my new 174 Z line Renouns this weekend. Loved them, and I can't say that about a ski very often! Typically, if it hasn't been a volkl o a stockli, I'll ski a new ski once and either sell them or give them to a friend. I'm keeping these bad boys - super playful and can arc a turn on super firm snow! Smiled all day! Glad I found you guys! John

Robert W.

Proud to be part of the RENOUN family

After using borrowed equipment for much of the winter, I screwed up my courage and bought the Z90s and a pair arrived a few weeks ago. I have been able to use them and oh - what a difference. They are not skis they are rockets, and the more you drive into them the more they deliver for you. In the past several weeks there has been everything from solid ice to frozen granular and powder and wet mashed potatoes and these Renoun  skis have handled all of it. But the most remarkable time was two weeks ago on solid white ice -  in which case of the carving characteristics were absolutely stunning. The combination of the smoothness of the anti-vibration and the ski cut slices across ice with complete control and stability at whatever speed you want to go with. In the softer stuff there’s wonderful float and maneuverability through bumps, taking me through terrain  that I would never have taken on myself. I try to keep up with a pretty fast crowd at wildcat and they are exceptional skiers – it was an amazing moment after a few runs on the new Z90s - one of those great skiers leaned over to me on the chairlift and said “I don’t know what’s in those skis Bob but you’re skiing has been transformed- You have confidence and speed. We’re all really proud of you”. Thank you so much.  I am proud to be part of this family of the Renoun skis that you have created.

How Does It Compare?

Compatible With All Bindings

Renoun skis are compatible with any alpine binding on the market.

(Skis do not come mounted)

Free Shipping & Returns

All full-priced skis ship for free to US, Canada, the EU & Japan. Returns are free, too.


We also pay all import duties for international orders — you just cover applicable local taxes. We've got your back, friend!

Renoun uses VibeStop™️ in basketball floors like PennState's court in Altoona.

Contact our sister-company for inquiries here >

Renoun has patented VibeStop™ in surfboards and boat hauls. A more stable ride on the water? Yes please.

1. Mount your skis

Mount up your new Renouns and take them out to your favorite mountain.

2. Go skiing!

Ski a few days – get a feel for them in a variety of conditions.

3. Not in love?

If you don't absolutely love them, remove your bindings and send them back for a full refund.

This guarantee gives you 3 days on-now to try out your new skis. Within 6 months of delivery, if you don't absolutely love your skis after 3 days skiing, we will buy them back no questions asked.  



So, if you buy the skis today, but your first days of skiing aren't for almost 6 months, then you can still return them. How about that?!



Moneyback Guarantee does not apply to used or demo or blemished skis unless otherwise specified. Bindings are excluded from all warranties or exchanges —  it's a liability thing, sorry!

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