Who's in Your Room?

Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

New York City, New York

Who’s in your room?

I learned a concept from a successful entrepreneur once about the importance of your network. For me, it was one of those things which just made sense to apply immediately when he said it. 

He calls it the Door Man Principal. 

This is how it works: 

Imagine you have a room. And this room has only one door. One way in, one way out. This room represents the physical space for all those people in your life.

Now, imagine just letting everyone you know in the room without any kind of criteria for entry. It would get crowded very quickly. And without any guidance, it might not end up filling with all the people you really wanted to be with. Those few people would ultimately undermine the rest.

Enter the Door Man. 

Now imagine the same situation but you have a ‘Door Man’. He represents a list of criteria, so to speak, about who is allowed into your room and who is not. 

Now, though you’re room might not be as packed as it would have been, it will be filled with exactly the kinds of people who are important to you. These are the types of people who look out for you, cheer for you, help you along the way and represent you from afar.

It may seam a bit harsh or impersonal to pick and choose, but the value keeping a thoughtful group around you is extremely powerful. Especially as that group grows over time.

You are a reflection of those who surround you. All you need to do is just remember that.