Ski Testing at Hood

Mt. Hood, Oregon

I’ve been up at Mt. Hood for the past few days with some pretty cool people. It’s funny how things can fall in place at the last minute. 

 This trip was originally planned to be a one-man, hit-and-run prototype test. I was going to fly in, stay on a friend’s couch, wake up early and ski the six pairs of prototypes in a day or two before packing everything up and heading back home. 

 But instead it turned into a product test, content development, interview session, photo shoot and networking extravaganza.

 A few weeks ago, I met Mike Nick, former X Games medalist and self-proclaimed “Idea Craftsman and Brand Architect”—actually I think I cut him off while skiing Stowe on closing day back in Vermont. That near miss brought our worlds together and led to a pretty insane deep-dive into RENOUN. Mike’s impression was that I was sitting on an amazing project but lacked legit content going into next season. So, with two weeks until take off, Mike booked a flight to join me and helped turn my measly “testing run” into a full-blown, content-generating powerhouse. 

 We called up the guys from Verb Cabin and they packed up their gear and met us at Hood for the three days of shooting and testing. On night one we unboxed all the skis, mounted them up, and planned out the next 72 hours. Because RENOUN is so new to the game we decided that “more was more” on this trip and we planned to use every possible opportunity we could to film and photograph; we would pick and choose later.

 Four days later, I’m sitting on the plane headed back to Vermont. We had three unbelievable days of ski testing, content capturing, and storyboarding for our upcoming collection and website launch this fall. The hard drives are packed with content. 


I’m excited to show you guys what we cooked up. Next season is going to be insane. 


Stay tuned!

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