How to Prepare Your Skis For Summer 2024

How to Prepare Your Skis For Summer 2024

How to Prepare Your Skis For Summer

Now that the season is winding down, let's talk about how to properly store your equipment to help them last another season.

1. Clean off your skis after spring skiing.

Keep a towel in your car or allow them a few minutes in the sun and wipe off any extra snow. This'll help prevent your edges from rusting.

2. Repair any base damage (if any) and add a fresh layer of wax.

This may involve the use of P-tex partnered with a fresh wax to help moisturize your bases for storage.

3. Always store your skis in a cool, dry place.

While roof boxes are an ideal mode of transportation, they'll hold water and create a HOT environment in the spring/summer which can damage your skis. After you're done skiing, take them out of the roof box until the next adventure.


  • Q: Is it better to store skis upright or horizontally?
  • A: There is no benefit to storing the skis vertically or horizontally. What is most important is making sure that your skis are stored in a dry area without fluctuating temperatures.
  • Q: Should I store skis in a garage?
  • Unless your garage is temperature controlled, stay away from storing your skis there. While it may seem like a convenient place to store them, the fluctuating temperatures and dusty environment to avoid compromising the epoxy that holds the ski together.
  • Q: Should I use an old fashioned ski hanging rack?
  • A: Probably not. Ski racks that use oldd-school dowel rods to hold skis up were designed before rocker-profile skis were invented. These racks can bend the shape of the ski.

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