The 10 Best Women’s Ski Jackets 2021-2022

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If you’re anything like us, you put your ski jacket through the wringer. It sticks with you through spills on the hill and spills at the bar, so it probably has a few scuffs to show for its valiant efforts.  

Now that it’s time to hit refresh on your kit, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve combed through hundreds of customer reviews to bring you the best-loved jackets from tried and true brands. Whether you’re a backcountry enthusiast looking for a versatile shell or a resort-only ripper who prioritizes insulation, we’ve found something for you.


How We Choose Our Jackets

 Since we won’t be sold on head-turning looks and good deals alone, here are the 3 categories we use to make our decisions: 

  • Fit – Size range, comfort, cut, length, helmet accommodation
  • Material – Weather resistance, durability, breathability, type of insulation
  • Features – Pockets, vents, zippers, thumb holes

After trying on plenty of jackets ourselves, we know that one size does not fit all. When we talk about fit, we won’t just tell you what fits us, but what real customers have said about the fit. Maybe one jacket is better for petite women with wide hips, while another is better for taller women with wide shoulders. With this in mind, we came up with a range of options.

Here are the best women’s ski jackets of the 2021-22 season. 


The Best Uninsulated Women’s Ski Jackets


1. Trew Stella Jacket 


Highlights: Flattering yet roomy cut, numerous deep pockets that don’t bulge, a super breathable 3 layer waterproof exterior, and stellar customer service that makes sizing, buying, and returning a breeze. 

Fit: Trew didn’t compromise on form or function with the Stella. With a cut that balances mobility and style, you’ll still look stylish when you add on those midlayers and stuff your pockets with all the essentials. The drop tail offers a little extra protection (no tush freezing on the lift with this one), while the unique curved hem gives you a little extra room to move about. This jacket is especially well appreciated by women with broad shoulders, as well as taller women who applaud the torso and sleeve lengths. Sizes range from XS to XL (approximately a US 16). 

Material: The Stella serves up balance with a material that one fan described as “quiet, supple, and luxe.” Thanks to Trew’s PNW roots, this 3 layer exterior will wick off even the heaviest storms. The shell’s breathability and pit zips prevent overheating, keeping you cool even on the most sun-soaked laps. 

Features: So. Many. Pockets. Need a spot to stash those skins? Take your pick between the sizable chest pockets or drop pockets. Heading out for a resort day? No need to fumble with your wallet – the Stella has a pass pocket for that. Bonus points for the pit zips, powder skirt, and water-resistant zippers.

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2. Strafe Lynx Pullover

Highlights: Anorak design with a roomy kangaroo pocket and full-length side zips that make it easy to take on and off. Soft, breathable, and highly waterproof exterior.

Fit: While many anoraks can be cumbersome, Strafe nailed the style and functionality with the Lynx. Full-length side zips make it just as easy to get the Lynx on and off as a traditional front-zip. For those who run hot, you’re in luck – the side zips also provide more ventilation than your average pit zip. Wide, adjustable cuffs make it easy to fit your sleeves over heavy-duty gloves or light liners. From a helmet-friendly hood to a full coverage tail, the Lynx has you covered from top to bottom.

Some petite women say they have had better luck with Strafe sizing compared to other brands. The Lynx might be a little bit better for those of average height or taller due to its length, so if you’re a petite woman who prefers a traditional length, we recommend checking out Strafe’s Meadow Jacket. The Meadow is an equally tough and graceful jacket with a slightly shorter length.

Material: As a 3 layer shell, the Lynx has handily weathered Pineapple Storms and Nor-easters alike. The eVent DV Flex fabric is also super soft and stretchy, making this jacket burly and comfy. 

Features: Forget the day pack next time you’re skiing resort – the Lynx’s kangaroo pocket has all the room you need. When it’s time to hit the backcountry, this same pocket is perfect for storing gloves, skins, and small layers when you get toasty on the skin track. For deep days, you’ll enjoy the added protection of thumbhole cuffs and an adjustable stretch powder skirt. Bonus feature: the Lynx’s phone sleeve and headphone passthrough come in handy on solo laps. 

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3. Rab Khroma Kinetic Ski Jacket

Highlights: Light and stretchy with a super waterproof, durable exterior. Equipped with roomy chest pockets that double up as vents, plus pit zips for even more ventilation. Backpack and harness compatible for backcountry skiers and ski mountaineers.

Fit: Customers report that Rab typically slides somewhere between true-to-size and slim, so if you’re between sizes and like to layer, you may want to go with the larger size. An adjustable hem and cuffs let you dial in the fit. The comfortable, helmet-compatible hood stays put and keeps your face dry while keeping your vision clear. Sizes range from W's 8 (XS) to 14 (L). 

Material: Because the Khroma Kinetic was built with backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering in mind, Rab took extra care to ensure that this jacket was highly flexible, waterproof, and durable. The Kinetic’s high elastane content lets you stay nimble as you whip through the trees, while the 20D nylon fabric protects you when the branches go in for the snag. Like all jackets on this list, the Kinetic has a high waterproof rating, which means it can withstand extended pressure and even brief submersion. Don your snorkels – it’s time to take a dip in the powder pool.

Features: Two chest vents and pit vents offer plenty of on-the-go ventilation. The chest vents also function as large pockets which can easily stash skins, goggles, and pocket sammies. If you’re the ultra-adventurous type who likes to venture into glaciated terrain, rappel down couloirs, or play around on ice climbs, you’ll be extra glad that these high pockets easily accommodate a harness. 

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4. Stio Credential Jacket

Highlights: Subtly-curved, flattering cut that happily fits muscular, mid-sized bodies. Cozy on the inside, tough on the outside. Smart pockets galore. 

Fit: One of the best contenders out there for mid-sized, athletic-bodied women. Jascha Herlihy, Renoun’s very own Marketing Coordinator, is happy to give us the full report: 

“As an athletically built 5’9” female who wears a 12-14, a lot of jackets are way too tight to groove and move in (you know, in the thighs). I got an XL and am pleased to report it fits great with enough room to stack my favorite mid-layers. The quality is excellent!! Perfect cut, attention to detail on every aspect. Thank you for providing us mid-size ladies with a jacket that actually fits and doesn’t squeeze me like a marshmallow.“

Other Credential owners rave about the flattering curve of the hip-cut, making the Credential stand out in a sea of otherwise straight-cut ski jackets.

Material: With a 3 layer Gore-Tex exterior, this jacket is built for tough, wet conditions. The flannel-like interior lining adds a little bit of comfiness, perfect for those cold touring days when you want an extra bit of coziness but don’t want to add a whole extra layer. For those who find this element too cozy, we suggest checking out Stio’s , another sleek ‘n sturdy jacket that we also love.

Features: We love good pockets, and the Credential has them in spades. The oversized zippered hand pockets are set high on the body, making them perfectly compatible with a backpack. The subtle storm flaps above the pockets prevent snow from dumping inside while you rummage around for your Snickers. With an interior zippered phone pocket in the mix, your phone will never freeze on you again since it’ll be nice and snug next to your warm body.

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5. Arc’teryx Sentinel AR

Highlights: An elegant, sturdy, and versatile jacket that’ll keep you looking good and feeling dry on sunny and deep days alike.

Fit: We’re happy to report that the designers are listening to customers’ needs with this one. Fans report that updates to the Sentinel comfortably accommodate wider hips and larger bodies. One woman commented, “I find the jacket to be flattering and functional on my size 14 frame... something that is nearly impossible among technical brands today.” This fan noted that the Sentinel’s larger sizes are genuinely wider, not just slightly longer. Most women also really dig the length, which adds a little something extra between you and the chilly chairlift.

Material: The Sentinel AR boasts an N70p 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric – a jumble of jargon that means it’s sturdy, soft, and waterproof. This stuff is impressively strong, especially for its weight and soft texture. Enthusiastic Sentinel owners say that the jacket is light enough to tour in on chilly days without soaking in sweat, while also offering protection on the coldest, windiest, and snowiest days. Our Canadian neighbors tell us that this pairs well with the Cerium LT puffy, keeping them cozy on single-digit and sub-zero days.

Features: With versatile, deliberately designed features, the Sentinel AR holds true to its “All Around'' label. The hand pockets are large enough to keep you fully equipped on resort days, while sitting comfortably above your backpack waist belt on touring days. Feeling toasty? Unzip the pit zips to dump the heat. Getting ready to be dunked in pow? Pop your phone into the internal pocket, snap together that powder skirt, and go. 

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The Best Insulated Women’s Ski Jackets 


6. Patagonia Powder Bowl (insulated and uninsulated options)

Highlights: A toasty jacket that’s functional and flattering for a wide range of body types. Strong yet sustainable – 64% of the jacket material comes from recycled fabric.

Fit: Another designer win. With a straight cut, simple colors, and minimalist design, the Powder Bowl isn’t flashy, but it’s cleverly constructed. We’ve seen glowing reviews from women across builds, including smaller, athletically-built women, taller women, and curvy women. Women with broad shoulders express particular appreciation for the Powder Bowl.

Material: This jacket is impressively resilient – take it from the ski patroller who reports that she wore it day-in, day-out for 3 years. The exterior is not just strong, but it’s also made out of recycled polyester. The interior’s synthetic lining keeps you warm without adding bulk. As usual, Patagonia delivers a climate-conscious product that doesn’t skimp on the quality. 

Features: Adjustment is the name of the game. The Powder Bowl’s velcro cuffs, drawstring-equipped powder skirt, and adjustable hood make cold days a breeze. If you run hot, you’re in luck – large pit zips will come to the rescue.

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7. North Face ThermoBall Eco Snow Triclimate Jacket

North Face Thermoball Eco Snow Triclimate Women's Jacket

Highlights: Versatile 3-in-1 system. Each layer does its job, and it does it well. Protective, warm, and good-looking, all in one package. More affordable than buying each layer on its own.

Fit: A flattering fit for those who prefer a slightly curved waistline. Best for people who dig a little extra length and rear coverage. Petite women report that the length is a bit much, but this is adjustable in the sleeves thanks to adjustable velcro straps to cinch down any extra fabric. True to size. Sizes range from XS to XL.

Material: On the outside, this jacket rocks a 2 layer waterproofing system, a solid shell layer that’ll shield you on wet and windy storm days. The puffy is equipped with Thermoball Eco, synthetic insulation made from 100% recycled polyester. This layer will keep you warm with or without the shell – so warm that you may only need a base layer underneath.

Features: This jacket combo is just one big feature! The ability to zip together the shell and puffy makes it easier to strip off when you hit the lodge for lunchtime – no need to mess around with different layers. When it’s dry out and the shell feels like overkill, all it takes is a quick unzip and the shell is outta there. Add five pockets (including one with a goggle wipe), a powder skirt, and pit zips, and you have a feature-packed jacket.

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8. Helly Hansen Alphelia LifaLoft Jacket

Helly Hansen Alphelia LifeLoft Women's Jacket

Highlights: All the warmth without any stiffness, stuffiness, or extra weight. Plus, a pocket that saves your phone battery with NASA-engineered aerogel (fellow nerds: search aerogel on Google Images for a mindblower 🤯)

Fit: For those who prefer a slightly shorter fit, this is your jacket. While those of average height and taller might prefer a slightly longer tail, shorter women will be stoked to have this option. On the mountain’s more moody days, the hood and neck offer perfect coverage as the weather turns from heat to sleet. Sizes range from XS to XXL, but note that some reviewers say this runs small, so you may opt to size up.

Materials: Forget the bulky, stiff jackets of the old days. Helly Hansen’s LifaLoft technology is 20% lighter than standard insulation, giving you more space to move around while keeping you plenty warm. One fan applauded the Alphelia’s coziness after snowmobiling on a cool 3 degree day with only a base layer underneath her jacket. For those who heat up on the down hill send, have no fear. The 2-layer, 4-way stretch material is also highly breathable. 

Features: While each and every pocket has a place in our hearts, the real star of the show is the Life Pocket+™. This chest pocket is easily accessible from the outside, but it’ll keep your phone fully protected from the elements. The Life Pocket+™ is equipped with heavy duty aerogel, a material developed by NASA to keep electronics protected in space. Now you can enjoy your out-of-this-world powder laps without having to even think about your phone.

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9. Black Diamond BoundaryLine Insulated Jacket

Black Diamond BoundaryLine Women's Jacket

Highlights: No-fuss, streamlined design with all the classic features – no more, no less. Lightweight synthetic insulation is sure to keep you warm on the most sluggish lifts.

Fit: The BoundaryLine runs pretty true-to-size, particularly compared to other Black Diamond jackets, which can run a little small and narrow in the hips. Compared to some of the longer, more casual fit jackets on this list, the BoundaryLine has more of a traditional cut and length, providing partial coverage on the backside. Sizes run from XS to XL.

Material: The highly waterproof, breathable shell is beefed up with Thermolite synthetic insulation, keeping you warm and dry inside and out. The synthetic insulation also makes this lighter than past seasons’ wool-insulated models, shaving off about 250 grams (over half a pound) without compromising warmth. With a 66% chance of a La Niña winter blessing the Northwest, PNW powderchasers will be especially happy to have the BoundaryLine.

Features: The BoundaryLine sports all the standard bells and whistles – pit zips, plentiful pockets (including a sleeve pass pocket and internal mesh drop pocket), and a stretch powder skirt. Adjustable features are a subtle bonus – drawcords on the helmet and hem offer some latitude, keeping your fit secure no matter your helmet or waist size.

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10. Norrøna Lofoten Insulated Gore-Tex Jacket

Norrøna Lofoten Insulated Gore-Tex Women's Ski Jacket

Highlights: Hefty insulation and GORE-TEX protection without the Michelin Man effect. Norrøna also offers a non-insulated version, so if you split your time between resort and backcountry, be sure to check it out.

Fit: Fans applaud Norrøna’s ability to make a technical shell with a “feminine,” or subtly curved, cut. Some report that it fits a bit slim and long, so consider sizing up if you’re in between sizes. The helmet easily accommodates a helmet and is easily adjustable for sideways-snow days. The Norrøna Lofoten is offered in XS - XL.

Material: When it comes to insulation, Norrøna’s “loaded minimalism” approach is in full effect. Rather than padding every nook and cranny, the Norrøna designers added warmer insulation where you need it most. It’s most important to maintain a warm core, which is why this jacket has extra insulation in the torso and shoulders. Add a 2 layer GORE-TEX shell, and you have a coat that accomplishes its central goal: keeping you warm and dry. We’re also happy to see that more than 50% of the material comes from recycled fibers, adding another climate-conscious product to our lineup.

Features: All the features you could need for a day on the hill. Fans especially love the leashed goggle wipe, pass pocket, and cozy hand-warming pockets. “Hand gaiters,” aka sleeves with thumb holes, and a removable powder skirt are nice additions for keeping out snow, while large side zips let out the heat.

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Bonus — 2 Size-Inclusive Ski Jackets to Check Out:

Outdoor Research Snowcrew Ski Jacket

In 2021, Outdoor Research announced that they would expand their size range, offering technical apparel in sizes XS - 3XL. Launching in Fall 2021, the size-inclusive line will include everything from base layers to ski jackets like the Snowcrew. Come Spring 2022, we can expect to see even more OR gear in plus sizes 1X - 3X and 16W - 24W. OR’s designers have gotten a lot of input to build this line, so we’re hopeful that they’ll set a strong standard for other brands to follow. 

Kari Traa Voss Jacket 

Ultra petite women love Kari Traa, a Norwegian brand named after the freestyle skier and three-time Olympic gold-medalist. Women hovering around the 5’0”, ~100lb mark who find themselves digging through the kids section are relieved to find Kari Traa’s ski line, which includes base layers, insulated jackets, and insulated pants. We couldn’t track down intel on their Voss Jacket this year, so if you check it out, let us know what you think!