These athletes are the most stand-up individuals you will ever meet. You'll be lucky if you run into one of them on the hill this season. 
They are the face of the brand in our stead. What they do and say carries weight... and we don't take that lightly. 
Some are in front of the camera and some are behind. But one thing they all share in common: they are insane skiers.



Jakob Gjerluff Ager 

I’m a self-taught outdoor photographer based out of Denmark and British Columbia. Specialized in cold, windblown and dramatic places, my curiosity and adventure lust take me around the world in search of remote places and unique moments to capture and share. My passion for surfing and skiing is the foundation of my photography, where I try to show man in reflection to his surroundings.









Frans Ahlberg


I am a person that loves to do as much as I can. I am born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. One of my biggest interests beside skiing is cooking and filming/photography. I am studying advertising in San Francisco so it's my home at the moment.









 Max Ahlberg


My name is Max and I’m 27, from Sweden. I’ve been skiing since I was 3 years old and have worked as a ski instructor in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand, always trying to spread the joy of skiing. Between the lessons I usually shifted skis and headed for some runs outside of the groomers, no matter the conditions, there is always something that can get you smiling. I’ve had photography as a hobby for a long time and trying to get that magical feeling of skiing in a frame, together with the nature and the snow is a creative part of the sport that I really enjoy. For a living right now, I’m working as a software engineer at Einride developing autonomous and electric trucks for a more sustainable future, with a lot of snow!







Peder Ahlberg


Hey my name is Peder and i’m from Sweden! i’m currently finishing of my master degree in international business & economics.
Skiing is one of my biggest interests, and i’ve been doing it for as long as i can remember. I always seek for new adventures that i can share with friends and family. looking forward for another epic season! High five!







Alonso Darias


My name is Alonso Darias and freeride skiing is my passion. I am a Vermont skier living in Bozeman, Montana. This will be my first year spending the winter outside of the East and I couldn’t be more excited to explore my new playground. This season I will be traveling to Austria in March to compete in the Junior Freeride World Championships against the best junior athletes in the world. There is nothing that makes me happier than shredding with other passionate and driven athletes.







Tyler Hawkins


I was was born and raised near Burlington, Vermont. I was put on skis at age 3 and mostly skied Mad River Glen until 18 when I moved to British Columbia for college. After 9 years in Canada, I am a new Canadian immigrant (yes!) and a graphic designer in Vancouver. My jams are golden era NY hip-hop, tacos, my girlfriend, and Monty Python-esque silly absurd humour.










Lukaiel Reece-Sullivan


I am a photographer and athlete based out of Ashland Oregon. I love getting out into the backcountry and exploring the local mountains and terrain; creating unique content that makes people jealous of Southern Oregon cement. I’m a dedicated, passionate, sarcastic guy and love a good adventure.










Kelli Spencer


From the beginning of my childhood, I was encouraged to wander, explore, and create. That basic principle of discovering the unknown has led me on a journey of big mountain skiing and mountaineering across the globe. I push every boundary and challenge myself constantly, both mentally and physically. I am always dreaming of bigger objectives and deeper powder. See you on the slopes! 








Lyric Sylvan

I am an avid telemark and downhill skier and have been on a never-ending search for deep powder and big cliffs since the age of three. I spend most of my ski days in front of the camera, but enjoy getting on the other side of the lens from time to time. I’m always choosing the most fun and creative way down the mountain— it could be the easiest line or the hardest line. The only thing that matters is the feeling I get at the bottom.










Joel Caldwell


 Joel Caldwell is an expedition photographer and writer living in New York City. He specializes in using outdoor adventure to tell conservation stories.

Published: National Geographic Voices, The Cleanest Line, Far Ride Magazine, The Ski Journal, Iron&Air, bioGraphic, Bunyan Velo, Overland Journal, META, Wilderness, Expedition Portal, Huckberry Journal, Kiawah Legends