Blackcrows Justis vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Blackcrows Justis vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Blackcrows Justis vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

It always gets interesting when two innovators in the same industry go head to head. The Blackcrows Justis and Renoun Endurance 98 are both skis designed to have control over the whole mountain, but one may outshine the other.


The Endurance 98 is praised for it’s stability due to the non-Newtonian polymer that adapts to conditions, providing exceptional control at high speeds and variable terrain. The Justis also offers good stability due to its semi-cap construction, but it might not match the Endurance's stability at high speeds or in variable conditions.


While primarily known for stability, the Endurance does offer a surprising level of playfulness, especially for a ski of its category. Its rocker profile and flex pattern allow for a playful feel and even some freestyle elements. The Justis tends to prioritize stability over playfulness thanks to its metal inlay and fiberglass reinforcements. It tends to have a more serious, hard-charging nature, which might make it less playful overall compared to the Endurance.


Renoun's Endurance 98 is truly top-tier in terms of responsiveness and edge-to-edge transitions. Its construction allows for efficient and smooth edge engagement, aiding in quick turns. The Justis, with its more traditional construction, may require slightly more effort for edge-to-edge transitions compared to the Endurance.


The Endurance 98 is quite versatile, handling various conditions well due to its adaptive construction, and its Vibestop™ technology. It excels in all-mountain scenarios, from groomers to mixed conditions. While versatile, the Justis might lean more towards groomed and hardpack conditions compared to the Endurance and might not be as adaptable to varying terrain.


While it's not primarily a powder ski, the Endurance handles powder conditions incredibly well, giving you the confidence to adventure off trail. The Justis is simply a wider ski, so it may have a touch advantage in float due to the wider platform. However, the construction may take away from a surfy, powder-oriented desired feeling.


The Justis from Blackcrows is a fun ski, but it does not feel like a ski that does not exist already. It seems to be Blackcrows answer to everyone else making a 100mm underfoot, all mountain ski. Then you look at the Endurance 98 from Renoun, and you know this is a ski you have never been on before. Make the right choice, and ski a ski that is truly revolutionary.

" look at the Endurance 98 from Renoun, and you know this is a ski you have never been on before."