Blizzard Brahma 82 vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison

Blizzard Brahma 82 vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison

Both of these skis are developed to be on-trail animals, with the slight tenacity to explore beyond here and there when you need to chase down your kids. It comes down to the age-old construction of the Brahma 82, and the innovative tech of the Renoun Atlas 80 to really see where they both excel.



Known for its stability at high speeds and through variable terrain, the Brahma 82 flaunts its burly construction that provides excellent stability, making it reliable and confidence-inspiring. In comparison, the Renoun Atlas 80 incorporates Renoun's new unique VibeStop™ Technology, which adapts to varying conditions by adjusting the ski's stiffness with a non-newtonian polymer. This tech enhances stability by minimizing vibrations, providing a smoother ride, and increased control. Since the Atlas 80 also bears two sheets of metal, this added tech gives a great advantage.


While the Brahma 82 leans more toward stability and power from its heft, it still is able to pull off some playfulness when pushed. It allows for moderate maneuverability and can handle short turns reasonably well but might not be as playful as some other skis in the category. The Atlas 80 maintains a surprisingly good balance between stability and playfulness. Its innovative design provides a responsive feel, allowing skiers to engage in various playful maneuvers while maintaining stability.


Since both skis are similar in width, there’s no notability difference in edge-to-edge transition speeds — both are quick!


The Brahma 82 is known for its versatility across different terrains, although it shines particularly well on groomed slopes and hardpack. Its solid construction, camber underfoot, and slight tip rocker contribute to its adaptability to various conditions. The Renoun Atlas boasts impressive versatility, primarily owing to its innovative VibeStop™ Technology. It performs exceptionally well on groomers, hardpack, and variable terrain while also offering better adaptability in softer snow compared to the Brahma 82.


At the end of the day, the Atlas 80 just has a few more design tweaks to perform better as a carver and what the Brahma lacks in pure carving performance, it makes up for in the solid planted feel from its additional 200g in weight. 


Both the Brahma and Atlas are incredible skis. When compared side-by-side in a review, the Brahma is able to accomplish it’s performance with weight, while the Renoun Atlas 80 skips the weight and let’s technology improve the ride.


".. the Atlas 80 skips the weight and let's technology improve the ride."