Elan Wingman 86CTi vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Elan Wingman 86Ti vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

When looking at skis in the 85mm-90mm family, the Elan Wingman 86CTi and Renoun Endurance 88 are sure to attract some attention. Elan has been in the game since the beginning, and there’s a reason they are still such a prominent name. But Renoun might have an upper hand with a fresh design and innovative technology.


The Renoun Endurance 88 is renowned (pun intended!) for its stability due to its unique construction featuring non-Newtonian polymer technology, which adapts to varying conditions based on the ski’s needs.The Elan Wingman 86CTi also offers good stability, thanks to its construction, combining wood, metal, and carbon. This provides a very supple ride, but the trade off is that it feels very damp and not quite as fun.


In terms of playfulness, the Endurance 88 still holds its own thanks to its poppy maple core. When this is paired with the Vibestop™ technology, it makes the mountain a playground.The Elan Wingman 86CTi is also very nimble, providing a lively feel on the snow, making it easier to engage in quick turns and playful maneuvers.


Both skis perform admirably in edge-to-edge transitions, but the Renoun Endurance 88 might have a slight advantage due to its more agile and responsive nature, allowing for quicker transitions between turns.


The Wingman will be better suited for more consistent and manicured terrain. The Endurance 88’s more robust platform will inspire more confidence should you venture beyond the groomer trails.


When it comes to carving, both skis carve confidently on groomed runs. The Renoun Endurance 88's stability and edge hold make it exceptional for carving at high speeds, offering a secure and precise feel. The Wingman may tend to feel a little less complex, and may cater to a more intermediate audience.


The real difference here is going to be what skill level these skis are both catered to. The Elans are a great ski, but they seem to allow less progression in the skier’s journey. While the Renoun Endurance 88 offers a great platform to learn on, but just get more enjoyable as skill increases.

" Elan has been in the game since the beginning...But Renoun might have an upper hand with a fresh design and innovative technology."

Renoun vs. Elan

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