A new chapter in our relentless pursuit to inspire.

Welcome to The Renoun Inspiration Fund — a grant for entrepreneurs, inventors, big thinkers, stay-at-home dads, and C-Suite moms.

Renoun's patents extend far beyond skis into basketball floors, boat hulls, and surfboards, but our mission has always been to inspire others to do and create their best.

This is our first grant to help others on their journey toward success. The Inspiration Fund is a cash prize awarded to an individual who exhibits the skill, tenacity, and grit to go out and make noise.

A cash prize for those who exhibit skill, tenacity, and grit to make noise.




10x — An Order Of Magnitude

A "job" is more than a number.
The monthly Jobs Report is simply the wrong yardstick for measuring success or failure.

Too few people are passionate about what they do with their mind. A motivated individual is 10x more impactful to humanity.

Let's change it.

What is it?
Who can apply?
How do I apply?
How many winners?

"Renoun has always been more than just skis"

— Cyrus Schenck, Founder

Judgement Criteria

You will be judged on your ability to show the greatest impact in these three areas:

1. Profitability Plan
Until you're a billionaire, lasting impact comes from recurring revenue and profitability. You must show how your idea will eventually profit.

2. Net Positive
In a world of 'same-same-but-different', you must show how your idea is truly unique and a net-positive to humanity—not just a flashier version of an existing solution.

3. Inspire
You must have an overt plan to inspire others with your future organization.

We're looking for individuals where $5,000 would make a meaningful impact on their development trajectory—i.e. if you're looking to raise $1M, you will not win this prize. The Inspiration Fund is a one-time payment to the winner of $5,000USD in March, 2023. Renoun does not take any ownership, stake, collateral, or otherwise. This is not a loan, it is a cash check. This exists solely as a boost to help others succeed.

Winner will receive:
$5,000 cash
6 months free office space at Renoun HQ

Renoun: to inspire

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