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Powder Perfection: Renoun's Top Picks for Deep Snow Days

Renoun stands out not just for its groundbreaking VibeStop technology, a hallmark of innovation that significantly reduces chatter across all terrains, but also for its exceptional all-mountain skis that deliver incredible performance in powder. These skis not only promise stability and control but also excel in delivering a seamless ride in the deepest snow. Today we take a look at two of the brand's most successful powder models: the Citadel 106 and the Endurance 98.

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Excelling in Deep Snow with Precision

The Citadel 106: The Powder Prodigy

Renoun’s Citadel 106, designed with a keen focus on powder performance, features a generous width and innovative VibeStop technology. This ski thrives in deep snow, offering floatation and agility that powder enthusiasts dream of. The Citadel 106's design, emphasizing lightness and maneuverability, ensures a smooth and responsive ride through untouched backcountry or gladed runs. Dimensions of 136-106-126mm and a turn radius of 18m highlight its versatility, making it a prime choice for those seeking thrilling descents in deep powder.

Powder / Backcountry

Wasit: 106mm

VibeStop™ technology

Playful & Light

"The Citadel 106 transforms deep snow days into unforgettable adventures. The integration of VibeStop technology ensures a dampened, stable ride, adjusting in real time to changing conditions. It's my go-to ski for chasing those deep powder dreams."

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Versatility Meets Powder Performance

Endurance 98: The All-Mountain Virtuoso

The Endurance 98 stands out for its all-mountain versatility, adeptly handling both groomed runs and off-piste conditions. Equipped with VibeStop technology, it offers a smooth ride, excellent edge hold, and responsiveness in a variety of snow conditions. The Endurance 98's balanced design, with dimensions of 130-98-117mm and a 17m turn radius, caters to skiers looking for one ski that can do it all. While it navigates deep powder with grace, its real strength lies in its all-terrain versatility.

All-Mountain / Off-Piste

Waist: 98mm

VibeStop™ technology

Reliable & Stable

"The Endurance 98 is the ski that keeps on giving, regardless of where I am on the mountain. Its stability and versatility allow me to explore more terrain with confidence. It's truly an all-mountain ski that shines in powder."

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Endurance 98