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Renoun stands as a trailblazer in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) realm. Since 2011, we've been driven by expert engineering and technology, resulting in acclaimed skis. Our personalized approach has fostered a devoted community of skiers nationwide.

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The Challenge

We're all too familiar with the routine: major manufacturers flood the market with countless SKUs, competing solely on volume with slim margins and inflated prices. Meanwhile, ski shops bear the responsibility of engaging and educating customers. With a distinct lack of innovation and competition in the industry, it's the customers who foot the bill without any viable alternatives.

While this model has persisted for years, we believe it's time to offer skiers more – more stories, more support, and more time carving down the slopes.

We excel by placing emphasis on several key factors, including product innovation, quality, targeted marketing, pricing strategies, customer support, sustainability, inventory management, R&D, and obsessed integration of customer feedback.

Patented Technology

Renoun's award-winning, patented, proprietary non-newtonian polymer technology, known as VibeStop™, is a game-changing experience.

Carbon Neutral

Renoun is one of the first ski companies in the world to become carbon neutral with Climate Neutral.


We sell only directly to skiers, we know your name and we invest the time to learn about you. Our skis can’t be found in ski shops or factory demo programs because we can’t ensure quality or make sure you are on the right ski for you.

Our personalized approach has fostered a devoted community of skiers nationwide.

Through direct interactions with our customers, we've cultivated invaluable insights into their preferences and needs.

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