Salomon Stance 90 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Salomon Stance 90 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

The Salomon Stance was designed for the mass-market. While that doesn’t preclude it from being a great ski, it means they were designing it for a type of skier who is enheriently different than that of the Renoun Endurance 88.


Renoun skis are renowned for their use of non-newtonian materials that adapt to skiing conditions, offering exceptional stability (they call it VibeStop™ Technology). The Endurance 88's construction provides impressive stability at high speeds, reducing vibrations and enhancing control on hardpack and variable snow. The Stance 90 offers good stability, it’s composite core just isn’t as planted to the snow, which is fine if you’re not skiing fast.


Even with its stability, the Endurance 88 still maintains a lively and playful feel. Its versatility allows for nimble turns and adaptability across terrain, giving a fun factor without compromising performance. The Stance 90 has a playful nature, but it doens’t offer the same level of versatility and adaptability as the Endurance 88.


Renoun skis generally have excellent edge-to-edge performance, allowing for quick and precise turns. The Endurance 88's design and construction enhance responsiveness, making edge transitions smooth and effortless. The Stance 90 performs well in terms of edge-to-edge transitions, but it might not match the Endurance 88's precision and responsiveness.


While versatile, the Stance 90 might lean slightly more towards specific terrain types and conditions (ie a perfectly groomed trail) compared to the broader adaptability of the Endurance 88. The Endurance 88 truly shines in its versatility, handling various snow conditions with ease. It performs admirably on groomed runs, bumps, and even in some powder, making it a great one-ski quiver.


While neither the Endurance 88 or stance 90 are specifically designed as powder skis, both can handle light-to-moderate snowfall well. If you're looking for something that can handle powder a bit better, check out the Endurance 98 (a wider version of the 88).


What kind of skier are you? The Stance is great if you’re going out a few times a year and want a very friendly ski that won’t punish. But if you’re looking for a little more spice in your life and are progressing in your skiing style, the Endurance 88 will be a better companion for the long haul.

".. if your skiing is still improving, the Renoun Endurance 88 will be a better companion."