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Side-by-Side on the Slopes: The Showdown between Atlas 80 and Endurance 88

Step into the world of precision and control with Renoun's leading on-piste skis. Designed for those who seek unparalleled performance on groomed trails, Renoun combines innovative technology with expert craftsmanship. From beginner-friendly slopes to high-speed adventures, discover the Atlas 80 and Endurance 88, perfecting the art of the carve on pristine corduroy.

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Sublime Control for Passionate Carvers

Unlocking Pure Performance: The Atlas 80

Renoun's Atlas 80, with its full-camber design and two sheets of Titanal, embodies the essence of carving. This ski is a testament to stability and control, tailored for those who seek the excitement of precise, high-speed turns on groomed trails. Enhanced by carbon fiber and tri-axial fiberglass, its solid yet lightweight construction achieves a dynamic balance of strength and agility, solidifying its status as a top choice for purists. VibeStop™ technology, integrated within its solid maple wood core, sets the Atlas 80 apart by significantly reducing vibrations, allowing for a stable ride regardless of speed or terrain. This innovation, combined with the ski's lightweight profile, ensures that the Atlas 80 offers a stable yet responsive experience, truly making it the best carving ski of the line!

90% on-trail use

VibeStop™ technology

Carving precision with 80mm waist

Weight: 1,804 g/ski

"Switching to the Atlas 80 transformed my groomer days. The control and speed I can achieve while maintaining a lightweight feel underfoot is unmatched. It's my first choice for carving precise, confident turns."

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Versatility at Its Best

The All-Mountain Adventurer: The Endurance 88

The Endurance 88 emerges as a beacon for those seeking a harmonious blend of precision and playfulness. Its revolutionary construction includes Mapple woodcore with two full sheets of Titanal for added stability, ensuring a balance of lightness and strength. Enhanced by Renoun's patented VibeStop™ technology, the Endurance 88 minimizes chatter across all conditions, offering a smooth, responsive ride that instills confidence in skiers exploring varied terrains. While primarily designed for on-piste skiing, the Endurance 88 doesn't limit its versatility to groomed trails. With its substantial width, it excels in various conditions, whether navigating through the woods, tackling bumps, or carving through crud - the Endurance 88 answers the call.

70%/30% On-Piste/Off-piste

VibeStop™ technology

2 Full Titanal Sheets

Weight: 1,671 g/ski

"The Endurance 88 has been a game-changer for my skiing. It handles everything I throw at it, from icy mornings on groomers to surprise powder stashes. Its versatility has no limits!"

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Endurance 88