Stereo Piste RS LTD vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison Review

Stereo Piste RS LTD vs Renoun Atlas 80

Two up-and-coming brands are put head to head to see who has the latest and greatest in the ski industry. Stereo is coming in with more of a racer background, and it shows in their skis. Whereas the Renoun Atlas 80 is breaking through the mold with new technology, and a lively take on modern skis.  


Renoun skis, known for their VibeStop™ Technology, offer remarkable stability. The Atlas employs non-newtonian polymers that adjust stiffness according to the terrain, providing a stable ride even at higher speeds or on variable snow conditions. Also known for stability, the Stereo Piste RS LTD utilizes a blend of wood in its core to create a stable platform. When this is paired with the advanced carbon fiber and rubber dampening, stability is front and center.


While the Atlas leans towards stability, it still manages to maintain a level of playfulness. Its versatility allows for playful maneuvers, making it suitable for various skiing styles. The Stereo might be slightly more playful than the Atlas due to its construction, but it might sacrifice a bit of stability in exchange for playfulness when comparing the two.


Renoun's technology enhances edge-to-edge performance by allowing for quick transitions between turns. This feature contributes to its versatility and overall agility. Most, if not all, Stereo skis often excel in edge-to-edge performance, offering precise handling and responsiveness. The RS LTD is no exception here, and it turns heads when going from edge-to-edge.


The Atlas is designed to be versatile, performing well across various snow conditions and terrain types. Its adaptability makes it a solid choice for skiers who enjoy exploring different slopes. While versatile, the RS LTD might lean slightly more towards groomed slopes and high-speed carving than the Atlas. This is not to say you can't explore on the Stereo, but it truly shines on the corduroy.


The Renoun provides solid carving capabilities thanks to its technology that enhances stability and edge grip. It offers confidence-inspiring turns and handles well on groomers and even in mixed conditions. The Piste excels in carving due to its construction that prioritizes precise edge control and stability, especially on well-groomed slopes. When looking at just the carving, it's a toss up on who outperforms who.


While the Stereo is an amazing ski, it tends to stay close to where it feels comfortable, the groomers. If you are looking for more versatility to explore the entire mountain, then it is no question that the Atlas 80 is the ski for you.



"...if you're looking for more versatility... the Atlas 80 is for you"