Stöckli Montero vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison Review

Stöckli Montero AR vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison

Pure, precise, Swiss made and… heavy. The Stöckli Montero is a great example of a classic age-old design that gets the job done. But recently, the upstart Renoun has given it a run for it’s money with their new Atlas 80, a carving ski that trims the weight (and stress on you knees) with a unique technology they call VibeStop™. How do they stack up?



The Atlas 80 is well-known from the beginning for its stability due to the innovative use of non-Newtonian polymer called Renoun calls VibeStop™ Technology in its construction. This technology enhances stability by adapting to various conditions, providing a solid, damp feel even at high speeds or rough terrain. The Stöckli Montero also offers excellent stability, albeit achieved through more traditional construction methods, using multiple layers of different materials to ensure a smooth, stable ride but the Stoklie adds considerable weight to achieve this.


The Atlas maintains a level of playfulness despite its stability, offering responsiveness and maneuverability. Its versatility allows for a fun, playful ride on various terrains. The Montero is slightly less playful and more leisurely compared to the Atlas. It's still agile and responsive but might lean more towards a stable, predictable feel.


Renoun's technology aids in the ski's responsiveness, making edge-to-edge transitions smooth and efficient. Stöckli skis are well respected for their exceptional edge-to-edge responsiveness, providing precise control and handling on various snow conditions.


The Atlas shines in versatility, suitable for both groomed slopes and off-piste terrain. Its blend of stability and playfulness allows for varied skiing experiences. The Montero also offers versatility, though its focus on stability might make it slightly more geared towards on-piste performance.


The Montero is more geared for ‘all-mountain cruising’ where the Atlas is more firmly in the ‘carving’ category. If you prefer a more leisurely cruise, the Montero will be just fine, but it you like to turn up the heat, the Atlas 80 has more backbone.


At the end of the day, it boils down to the age-old construction Stöcklie has used for generations, but if you’re looking for something with a tinge more versatility, the Atlas 80 might be your best bet.


".. if you prefer more leisurely cruising, the Montero will be just fine."