Volkl Blaze 106 vs. Renoun Citadel 106

Both the Volkl Blaze 106 and the Renoun Citadel 106 are exceptional skis with their own unique features. Let's take a look at the comparison, which outlines the strengths of the Renoun Citadel over the Volkl Blaze 106 in terms of stability, carving, and off-trail performance.


The Renoun Citadel 106 excels in stability, thanks to its innovative VibeStop™ technology. This technology uses non-Newtonian polymers that adjust according to the ski's needs, providing unparalleled stability at high speeds and variable terrain. The Citadel's construction effectively minimizes vibrations, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride even on challenging snow conditions, giving you a more confidence-inspiring experience.

While the Volkl Blaze 106 offers decent stability, it might not match the Citadel's advanced technology. It's a solid ski but might transmit more vibrations and chatter at higher speeds or on rougher terrain compared to the Citadel.


The Citadel boasts exceptional carving capabilities due to its Titanal layer combined with the non-Newtonian polymer. This combination enhances edge grip and responsiveness, allowing for precise turns and edge-to-edge control. The Citadel's construction delivers an outstanding carving experience, especially on groomed runs or hard-packed snow, making it a top choice for those who prioritize carving performance.

The Blaze performs well in carving thanks to its versatile design. However, it might not offer the same level of precision and responsiveness as the Citadel, especially when it comes to holding an edge on firm snow or making quick, aggressive turns.


The Renouns truly shine in off-trail conditions. Its design and construction make it an excellent choice for exploring varied terrain, from crud and chopped up snow to softer powder. The Citadel's stability and maneuverability off-piste are exceptional, allowing skiers to confidently tackle challenging terrain while maintaining control and enjoying a smooth ride.

The Volkls perform admirably off-trail, offering versatility and maneuverability. However, compared to the Citadel, it might lack some of the stability and adaptability required for more demanding off-piste conditions.

In summary, while both the Volkl Blaze 106 and the Renoun Citadel are excellent skis, the Citadel edges ahead due to its superior stability, carving precision, and off-trail performance, making it the preferred choice for those seeking top-tier performance across various snow conditions.



"The VibeStop™ technology gives the Renoun Citadel an edge over the Volkl Blaze 106"

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