Völkl Kanjo 84 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Völkl Kanjo 84 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

When thinking about on-trail performance, the Völkl Kanjo 84 and Renoun Endurance 88 come to mind. The Völkl’s have been the timeless players in the ski industry, but the underdog Renoun has new technology on its back and might give the tried and trues a run for their money.


Renoun skis are known for their stability due to their use of a non-Newtonian polymer inlay into the ski. The Endurance 88 provides exceptional stability at higher speeds and varying conditions due to this crazy new technology. The Kanjo 84 also offers good stability but might feel slightly less damp than the Endurance 88, especially in rougher terrain or at higher speeds.


Despite its stability, the Endurance 88 can still feel playful thanks to its construction and versatility. It can handle playful maneuvers and varied terrain well thanks to its poppy maple core. The Kanjo 84 is designed to be playful and maneuverable, especially in moguls or tighter turns. It might feel livelier and easier to maneuver, but it tends to get a little squirrely at higher speeds.


The Endurance 88 has a great edge-to-edge transfer, offering responsive turns and snappy transitions. Its stability does not compromise its ability to transition quickly from edge to edge. The Kanjo 84 excels in edge-to-edge quickness, making it a great choice for skiers who enjoy making shorter, snappier turns.


Renoun skis, including the Endurance 88, are known for their versatility. They perform well across various conditions, from groomers to mixed snow and even in some softer powder. The Kanjo 84 is versatile but leans slightly more towards groomed runs and variable terrain. It might not handle deep powder as effectively as the Endurance 88.


The Endurance 88 performs admirably in carving thanks to its stiff maple core, 2 sheets of titanal, and the magic sauce called Vibestop™. It holds an edge well on groomers and provides decent floatation in softer snow. The Kanjo 84 is bred to be an on trail assassin. It really finds its comfort on the trails and up on an aggressive edge.


Völkl will always be a big name in the ski industry, but they tend to lack innovation and change. If you want to stick to tried and true, there’s nothing wrong with that. Now if you are looking for a ski you have never experienced, the Renouns are waiting with your name on them.

" The Völkl’s have been the timeless players in the ski industry, but the underdog Renoun has new technology on its back..."

Renoun vs. Völkl

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