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Skiing never felt so good.

VibeStop™ Technology elevates your performance on any terrain.
  • Super-light
    Full carbon fiber for more power and confidence without the added weight.
  • Play anywhere
    Floats like a dream yet grips to groomers so well you'll wonder if you took racing lessons.
  • Dominate uphill
    Lightweight and stable. It's called "a super-ski" for a reason.
  • Save your knees
    VibeStop soaks up chatter and vibrations so your knees don’t have to.
Durable Nylon Topsheet
Titanal Binding Reinforcement Plate
UHMW Sidewall
12 inlays of VibeStop™
Carbon Fiber
4001 Sintered Race Base
Carbon Fiber
Aspen Wood Core
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Hardened Steel Edges
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Ski longer with VibeStop™

A non-Newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ is precisely inlayed into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations while skiing, the polymer instantly reacts and actively dampens the ski up to 300%. Instantly adapting to ski conditions and your skiing style, VibeStop™ allows you to ski harder, run after run.

It’s not rocket science. It’s ski science.

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Minimized Chatter

VibeStop™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Increased Confidence

More stability for greater confidence no matter what terrain you're on.

The Renoun Guarantee

Free Returns And Exchanges

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All Renoun skis are handmade in Canada using the finest materials.

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United States United States


Just skii’d the Citadels for the first time today in Utah on some pretty tough conditions. Icey and hard snow. Can’t tell u how impressed I am at how fun they were to ski even in those conditions. Playful and quick and very good carving and control. Cant’t wait to try them in fresh powder. I’ve ski’d the Nordica 100 Enforcers for the last 6 years, great ski but the Citadels were just easier to ski. Less effort, easy to control and just fun. Carved just as well as the enforcers and just as good as heavier ski in less than ideal snow. I’m 6’3 and have never been on a ski less than 190cm so the 184cm Citadels worried me a little going in. I actually loved the shorter ski, stable at high apeeds(hit 45mph) and can throw them around like a feather. Totally sold on the Vibe Stop Technology.

Hudson k.
United States United States

Phenomenal ride

Absolutely love the skis, my favorite ski for touring, I have used this ski in every possible snow condition in the 22/23 season and they preformed from ice to feet of powder I use this ski no matter the conditions it outperforms my bent chetler 100s any day of the week. Buy a pair and tell me you can’t carve perfect lines.

Stewart A.
United States United States

My go-to ski for nearly everything

Have to admit that I am not a one-quiver guy, but if I was, this would be the ski. If it's the kind of day where you're not sure what ski to throw in the box, the Citadel is always a safe bet. On a total hardpack or icy day, I ski the Atlas and it's amazing. But the Citadels are great too. On a total powder day, I grab another brand that's quite a bit wider (also made in Burlington and a little more colorful!). But the Citadels are great too. Anything in between, I don't even think, I just toss these in. They're stable and poppy and fun all at once. Don't take my word for it--try them out and you'll immediately see that this is not hype. I've skied them around 100 days over multiple seasons and never get tired of them.

Jeremy T.
United States United States

Great All-Around Ski

From the first run, I knew these skis were special. I've floated on a few inches of New England "powder" with ease, taken quick-kneed bump laps, and cruised firm groomers--it's all been a pleasure. Waiting and hoping for some real good snow to get into the woods/backcountry. Light, responsive, and can handle the crud too. Awesome ski. (And as a Vermonter, I love the Vermont connection!)

Brad B.
United States United States

Love me some Renouns!

Wow, I loved my PRE-Skis back in the day. And the Atomics - they were wicked fast and so much fun. But, these new Renoun Atlas skis... so responsive and cozy, and they make carving effortless. I can ski all day and be ready to go again on the next. Super Happy. Even a little bit joyful! Thanks, Renoun!

Cory P.
United States United States


I bought the skiis but never received them. Renoun said the shipping company reports delivery but I never got them so I left a poor review. $1000 purchase and no skis to show for it so based on this and literally no customer service I would list an unfavorable review. They might ski very well, so well in fact that that slid right past my place, but I cannot rate their performance other that failure to show up

Dawn F.
United States United States


These are by far the best powder ski I have ever skied on! They are also great in crud and bumps! I am getting rid of my other powder skis because the Citadels are by far the best skis I have ever been on and I ski more than 100 days a season!!! I highly recommend them!

United States United States


In love with this ski from the first run. Put ATK bindings on them so they can be a 50/50 ski as needed, but so far have only skied side country and inbounds at Jackson Hole with them. Never thought my daily driver for EVERY part of the mountain would be a 106 width. Recommended mount point for 169cm worked great for 5'8" 120 lb advanced/expert female.

Tyler D.
United States United States

Wow, you need a pair of these skis

I came off a pair of Rosi Soul 7's. I thought my Rosi's were an amazing ski. They performed well as an all mountain ski and handled the crud pretty good. I thought..... When I jumped on the Citadel 106's, I kept saying wow as I made turns. They transfer from edge to edge so much quicker and easier. The 106's also have a much more consistent carve profile. The more you lean into them, the better they hold. My Soul 7's had a breaking point where once you got to a certain level, they were going to break free on you. The 106's just hold the line all the way. They handle the crud and junk like you are on rails. And then there is the powder. The weight of the 106's make such a difference in the powder. The ability to think turn in the powder becomes a reality. They are just amazing all around mountain skis. You best be getting a pair.

Wren A.
United States United States

Most fun ski I've ever owned

I ski roughly 40+ days a year of Rocky Mountain Snow, and have been through about 30 different skis in my lifetime and these are by far my favorites. Super floaty and fun in the pow and grips the corduroy like a vacuum cleaner on a **** carpet. This is my second pair of Renoun Skis having had the older model of Endurance 104s. These are even better. Super light weight ski too. Mounted them with an NTN telemark setup and they work great for Tele too. Excellent for skinning. Even though they are 106 at the waist it feels more like a 98 when you are going edge to edge. Never going to buy from a different company. Also, the customer service and responsiveness is unbeatable in the ski industry.

Dawn F.
United States United States

Best powder ski ever!

I have skied Snowbird for 49 years! We had a powder day today and I skied my new Citadels! They were by far the best powder skis I have ever skied! I highly recommend them! They were just what I was hoping for!

Patrice G.
United States United States

Amazing skis

Very stable at high speed, fun to carve in, great on powder, lightweight for long touring days, and amazing customer service!

Summer A.
United States United States

Citadel 106 Review

I’ve been loving the Citadel 106's! Needed a more light weight touring setup and these bad boys have been great in the back country. Colorado has been hit with lots of snow this season and fluctuating temps. All in all I have been satisfied with their snappiness on more hard pack snow conditions (very responsive ski) and then also light/floatable on more fresh snow!

United States United States

Super Ski

What an amazing ski. This is your one ski for all terrains. So light and easy to move around and solid as can be wherever you are on the mountain. They really are that good. Take their word for it with their money-back guarantee. I have the 98, and I was extremely impressed with that ski, but this just amplifies the enjoyment.

John E.
United States United States

Fantastic skis!

Easy to ski, ski longer with less fatigue, great looking ski, and an attention getter!

Paul E.
United States United States

Absolutely love them!!!!

Really smitten, a far more versatile ski than even the Renoun folks let on!! Broke em in last week at Snowbird and Alta (record snow levels) I expected them to be good in powder and they certainly are that; didn't face much crud or crunchy stuff (I was seeking it out) but when I did, they plowed through with aplomb like Panzers pointed towards Poland. My biggest surprise is just how playful they are!!! They turn on a dime but, as the patented magic goo clearly provides, hold w/ stability at speed that a ski that playful just shouldn’t be able to do. Edge to edge transitions really caught me by surprise as well, especially @ 106 under foot - killer. Lightness helps there I suppose and the Citadels certainly are that; whether the exact geometries contribute or it’s just the sum of the choices made (likely the case), I am smitten by the ski’s versatility. Tails hold torsionally when I snap ‘em, almost like a GS ski. Wow!!! In short, a beautifully designed ski that demonstrates the boasted technology is the real deal, unambiguously. I had high expectations; the Citadels exceeded them in just about every way imaginable. The future is indeed here!

Best Use

Powder & Backcountry — 30% on-trail, 70% off-trail.


We designed the Citadel to achieve the impossible: a lightweight ski with stability. To achieve this, we doubled the VibeStop™ embedded in the Citadel’s aspen core and swapped to a full-carbon construction. This additional vibration-reducing VibeStop™ allows the Citadel to weigh under 1,650 grams per ski, while being more stable than heavier competitors. Simply put, it’s the best of both worlds. At 106mm underfoot, it’s soft-snow oriented, yet versatile enough to use as an everyday charger.

Floats steady, carves hard, tours light. A superski.


“Renoun is a genuine pioneer in featherweight ski design. A full-carbon ski, the Citadel 106 stacks up against the most weight-conscious backcountry sticks, but doesn’t suffer from the same chattery stiffness as the others in that class. It skis very much like a precision metal resort cruiser, especially as you open it up. The ski relies on a proprietary and top-secret aerospace polymer that the ice-mad Vermonter scientists call VibeStop™. The faster you ski, the more pressure you apply—or the choppier the terrain—the damper and more powerful the ski gets.”


- David Page, Powder Magazine Buyers Guide


Freeskier Magazine Editors Pick

Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice

PugSki.com Testers Choice

Blister Recommended
Backcountry Select




Radius:20m (191cm), 19m (184cm), 18m (178cm), 17m (169cm)

Lengths:191, 184, 178 & 169cm

Weight:1,818 (191cm), 1,717 (184cm), 1,635 (178cm), 1,579g/ski (169cm)

Factory Bevel:1 degree base / 1 degree side


VibeStop™ 12 Channels

Core Lightweight Aspen wood core

Reinforcement Full carbon fiber


Vibration Reducing Polymer

8 Channels of VibeStop™ provide unmatched dampness. Soft and playful at rest, yet stiffens when vibrations increase or force is applied.

Carbon Fiber

High Tech Stability

A full carbon construction means, more power and confidence without the weight.

Aspen Full Wood Core

Lightweight Strength

A strong, yet lightweight wood delivers a perfect balence of stability and backbone.

Race Base

Speed isn't an issue...

Our 4001 Sintered Race Base makes keeps your skis quick and nimble.

How Does It Compare?

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Citadel 106

This ski is our lightest and widest ski and is designed to be an everyday powder ski to be taken anywhere on or off the resort. Floats steady, carves hard and tours light—a “superski.” View Citadel 106 >

Compatible With All Bindings

We engineer all Renoun skis to be compatible with any binding on the market.

(Skis do not come mounted)

Fast Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on all full-priced skis to the US and Canada. We also ship to Europe, Japan and Australia for a fee.

Order by 1pm Monday-Friday EST for same-day shipping.

Renoun uses VibeStop in basketball floors like PennState's court in Altoona.

Contact our sister-company for inquiries here >

Renoun has patented VibeStop in surfboards and boat hauls. A more stable ride on the water? Yes please.

The Renoun Guarantee

Love them or your money back.

No Delays

We typically respond to return or exchange requests in under 24 hours.

No Hassles

We’ll give you a pre-paid label for your return or exchange.


Less than 3 in 100 skis are ever returned. People love their Renoun's.

Have a return or exchange to make? Click here >

Free Returns And Exchanges.

We believe in our product & our technology and stand firmly behind them. We offer a Moneyback Guarantee with every full-price ski purchase from us. Ski them up to 3 days within 6 months of delivery and if you aren't absolutely in love, we'll buy them back, no questions asked.

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