Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

Almost two years ago to the day we decided to take the idea of Renoun and make it into something. It’s been two years of hard work, little sleep and constant re-directing. But it’s been worth it.

When we where planning this winter, we wanted to make the best use of the time we had. This meant not only keeping our direction of travel the same, but also not interrupting one segment of the journey to make the other work. 

This brought us to our start, not in the US, but rather in Tokyo, Japan. 

I landed last night after a 14 hour haul from Washington-Dullas and was greeted by some of the most put-together, perfect, people I have ever met. It feels like walking through a constantly photoshopped world. Every surface is wiped, every street clean and nothing is late. Even the back of your receipts are a clean, matt black. 

Other cool things (in order of importance):

1. You can buy beer from a vending machine.

2. ANYTHING you eat is delicious, especially if you get to pick you food by pointing at pictures. 

3. I went to a store that had separate floors where I could buy a sewing machine, an anime magazine and a electric toothbrush. Just in case. 

4. In a place where Panasonic makes your toilet (with a heated seat mind you) and Mitsubishi is your hand dryer, WiFi is almost impossible to come by. 

5. I sleep in a ‘capsule’. Capsule = Hole in the Wall w/ small bed. 

If there ever was a place to watch and learn about a different culture, it seems Tokyo is exactly the place to be.