Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

I probably should have done more prep for this trip, like figure out where I would sleep, transportation and what not to eat, but I didn’t. Those are the kind of things that you can make up as you need them. 

The only thing that I did know before coming was that there would be lots of people. There are people everywhere. And not just a heavy sprinkle. It’s just insane.

I’ve come to like sitting in cafés in the afternoon (they have really good coffee here) and people-watching. If you have any interest in design, whether its fashion, bags, shoes or just some whacky hairstyles, you could learn from this culture. 

A friend once told me how he would just sit and watch all the different kind of bags people had. I didn’t quite grasp the shear number that pass by until I tried it.  

Now I’m here, its amazing to see. There might be, say, a thousand people walking past during any given cup of coffee. Not a single bag is the same. 

I began to see the difference between a good design or one with little thought or planning. To me, a good design is one you don’t even notice. It just works.  Ascetics and function meld together. Someone thought ahead and made a contextual design decisions not just for a pretty picture in a catalogue. 

And this isn’t to say a mass produced bag is a bad thing. Done right you would never know. Done wrong, and you do.

Coffee is done. 1000 more inspirations. Back to work.