Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

Here’s a company who is doing it right. 

When you think of starting something totally new, something with an objective to change an entire industry, there are so many pieces of the equation to be taken into consideration. 

If it’s going to succeed, every side must be captured. It’s not just about making four wheels and an electric engine. There is so, so much more than just good engineering. 

Tesla isn’t in the car industry. Their job is to shift a 100 year old industry. 

They are out to prove a car powered by layers of charged metal sitting in a tub of acid is the best way to get your groceries. Even 5 years ago, that notion was a little far fetched. Sure, there where electric cars, but they where little tin can looking things that might blow over. 

At Tesla, they took a new direction in a century-old market by making an extremely well designed car, that just happened to be electric. How else could a company achieve a 5.5 out of 5 crash rating, the highest review ranking of any car ever or the first with handles that slide out to greet the owner? 

Electric didn’t come first, the car did. 

For us, the materials we use in our skis don’t come first. The ski does. 

We just use the materials to send it over the top.