ISPO Gold Winner

When you look back on the history of any company, there are always a few milestones which it and the people who created it. 

Today is one of our milestones - one of those events we will always look back on as a pivotal moment.

This industry is absurdly competitive. It is filled with young and old blood alike. Some of those older companies have some serious backing. They have a vast amount of experience, talent, and capital which to draw. 

Yet, today, I am so excited to tell our friends, our family, and our skiers, that we have claimed Gold Winner for the ISPO 2015/16 All-Mountain Ski category, World-Wide recognition for innovation in design and technology.

Year one, we have sailed past those with so much more at their disposal and bring you the first hyper-damping ski in the world. 

We are the first. We are the only. And you were there for the beginning. 

Yes, this is worth sharing! Tell people you knew RENOUN at the beginning. Next time you think the little guy can’t make it, think of us. And charge on.

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