Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

Change is hard. Well, to be less ambiguous, deciding the moment to enact change is hard. 

Ever noticed how you can brainstorm, dream and talk and plan all you want, but it’s the moment before the shift when all the doubt comes rushing in, no matter what?

I remember this very vividly when heading overseas for the first time. I had planned and planned for the trip. All the tickets where bought, excursions researched, cities mapped out. I was so excited. I hardy slept the months and weeks coming up to the departure. 

But as the day to actually take the clothes off the shelf and into the backpack came close, I started feeling this sense of doubt creeping in. That sense I was forgetting something. Maybe I made a mistake? I was way too young to be flying 5,000 miles away. . .

This sense of doubt changes your perception of reality, it skews it. Things start to look different. A good idea is suddenly brash. Thorough planning suddenly feels inadequate. 

But I got on the airplane anyhow. Obviously. 

Even with the doubt, the questions, the unanswered problems, I still knew things would work out fine.

The same goes for some of the decisions I make today. I’m getting better at making the decisions, implementing them and moving on. 

Its not to say I’ve suddenly got super research capabilities. It’s just I’m getting better at looking at the options, deciding  and moving on. 

The faster I decide and move along, the faster this thing goes. 

What decision do you need to make?