Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect last winter.

We had this idea we thought was pretty cool. But a lot of people probably think their ideas are pretty cool. I went into last winter with a mission: to find out if others thought it was cool, too. 

Apparently they did. 

And it happened a bit backwards. Usually, you build up a really epic brand, create tons of content, build a beautiful website and shoot loads photos. Then it’s off to the races trying to sell whatever idea you cooked up. 

In the case of RENOUN, we had an epic product, and absolutely no brand. No identity. Nothing. 

It’s not the worst problem in the world, but we had to get going if we were going to make a mark.

We basically built the RENOUN brand over these past two months. It’s been a wild ride, and a massive learning experience. If you asked me ten weeks ago what I thought RENOUN would look like, I wouldn’t have had a clue. 

Now? It’s the most beautiful, stealthy, tech ski company out there. 

Hold tight and see what I mean come September 1.