Cyrus Schenck wins LaunchVT with RENOUN

Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

Renoun Ski Company, founded by Shelburne’s Cyrus Schenck, took home $30,000 in cash and $45,000 in-kind services from this year’s LaunchVT competition held on Thursday, May 7 at Main Street Landing in Burlington.

Schenck has developed a new kind of ski that utilizes non-Newtonian fluid for a responsive on-snow experience. When interviewed for an article in the April 16 issue of the Shelburne News, Schenck compared his non-Newtonian fluid to Oobleck (a mixture of cornstarch and water), describing how the liquid remains fluid when a low amount of force is applied but becomes more rigid when more extreme amounts of force are exerted upon it. By putting that material into a ski, he was able to create a surface that would become more rigid in rougher conditions, in effect eliminating the tiny vibrations a skier feels when shooting down a steep, icy hill at high speeds. Read Story >