Patent Granted

Posted by Cyrus Schenck on

Red tape. It’s like, well, red tape. It ties things up, slows things down. 

So, a pretty significant chunk of time has passed since we filled out some paperwork and sent it to Alexandria, Virginia. 

Four years and nine months, in fact — 1, 733 days. Remember those golden oldies, “Party Rock” and “Rolling in the Deep”? Yeah, those were the most popular songs when we applied for this 1 thing. 



What was it? 

Wait. That’s what we did.  

We waited, and we tinkered on our inventions, and we spread the gospel of HDT in our own way. And, yes, we squirmed a bit when Rossignol bought our ski to reverse-engineer it, those sneaky devils. 

Now, today, we’ve hit pay day: a real, honest-to-goodness patent for HDT. 

There you have it. Renoun. A small company that took on the big guys, and now has the paper to prove it, protect it, and pave the way for even better things to come.   

(Hey, Rossignol: Good luck copying our design!)

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