Renoun Webinar Recap Available!


Rob Golden and Cyrus Schenck recently took center stage in our Q+A webinar, "Navigating the Slopes of Innovation." Held on March 19th, it was a captivating session where our audience had the opportunity to connect, learn, and actively participate in the Renoun experience.

Here are some questions attendees asked:

  • Do you consider this to be the 1st round of investment or does the $1.8 mill look like the investment needed for the mid-term expansion. i.e. will a current investment be diluted in the near term?
  • Can you break down the operating leverage in the business if you grow the units sold over time? Perhaps talking about what costs are fixed vs variable?
  • How are you marketing the Renoun ski in the USA? DTC only?
  • What’s the difference between 6 VibeStop channels and 8 on your other skis?
  • Where does international reach fit into the business plans in terms of priorities? Obviously, penetration is low in the US so there’s potential runway there however does International play a role?
  • What do you see as the primary activity that will grow Renoun's market share and market presence?

Curious to find out what we had to say? Excited to catch up on what we've been up to? Watch the full recap here! Discover our innovative approach and strategic moves firsthand.

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