What does a ski company do in the summer?

What does a ski company do in the summer?

I’m constantly asked what we do when there’s no snow.

The answer? EVERYTHING.

We work almost non-stop from August through March so by the time we’ve got a chance to breathe in April we’re more than ready to take a few laps with our friends. It’s always sad when the snow melts at the end of the month, but it gives us an out to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Mercifully, work is slow in early summer and we take full advantage of it. We wind down work schedules from 60+ hour weeks to something in the 20’s and I grab my mountain bike and helmet. I started biking a few years ago and was immediately hooked. If you haven’t tried single track or downhill, you’re missing out — it’s like skiing for the summertime. 

Biking with the Revel crew at the Kindom Trails in Northern Vermont. If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend giving it a shot. It’s like skiing in the summertime. 


My buddy, Adam Miller launched a bike company called Revel Bikes (you should check them out) this spring and he flew out to come riding earlier this summer. Adam and I met at a business competition years ago and have stayed in touch through the years as RENOUN has grown. I was stoked (but not surprised) to hear he sold his previous company, Borealis, which at the time made some of the lightest bikes in the industry. It’s always fun talking shop about the outdoor industry, there’s a surprising number of similarities between ski and bikes — the fact we’re both riding bikes while ‘working’ being one of them (and yes, their bikes rip).

RENOUN and Revel Bikes (Cyrus Schenck & Adam Miller)

I met Adam long before he started Revel Bikes while we were going head-to-head at a Business Plan Competition in Denver, Colorado back in 2015. Adam won, but we’ve stayed in touch ever since.


Otherwise, when not hurtling toward trees at excessive speeds, I do a myriad of activities: camping, swimming, windsurfing, hiking — really anything outdoors. The summers in Vermont are short and if you don't make the most of them, they'll be over before you know it.

One of our athletes, Matt Testa, couldn’t wait until winter and went waterskiing on a pair of Citadels. Check out his full video below. Maybe we’ll have to put our technology in waterskis? It’s almost like it’s all part of the plan… Big shoutout to Basin Harbor for trusting us with their super nice boat and Matt McAlary for the photography.


We’re still (kind of) working this summer, but it will start ramping back up to a frenzy soon. We’ve been slowly executing on our masterplan we made this spring and are excited to make a few new announcements in the coming weeks. Hold your breath, you’ll need it for what’s to come. 

RENOUN Atlas Ski Teaser


Check out what some Athletes have been up to:


 Kelli SpencerKelli Spencer RENOUN Athlete

Kelli moved back to Alaska and has been busy kayaking, fly fishing, biking, hiking and camping. Sometimes she hauls her skis up a mountain to get her ‘fix in’, even if it’s just a couple turns. Not much sleeping is done with the eternal summer-sun of way up North.



Joel Caldwell

Joel Caldwell Photographer

RENOUN Photographer, Joel Caldwell, has been on assignment in every concievable corner of the earth over the last 6 months. One of his more recent trips was biking through Etheopia. Joel has made a name for himself as an Expedition Photographer and has been published in Patagonia's Cleanest Line, Filson, and by numerous conservancies.



Jakob  Ager Gjerluff

Jakob Ager Photographer

Jakob moved from Vancouver to Norway and is heading back to Vancouver this winter. But as far as we know, he’s sailed and surfed every day this summer. 


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